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R2__D2 tagged meh

R2__D2 tagged meh

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1. Nickname
Naomi (kinda? It's not my real name so it's a nickname??) or Ralu

2. Eye color

3. Hair color

4. One fact
I hate the way I look but I love looking in the mirror for some reason

5. Favorite color

6. Favorite place
Idk. Probably my room or the bathroom

7. Favorite celebrity
(Except people in the music industry because there are to many)
John Barrowman and Mads Mikkelsen

8. Favorite animal
I don't know buddy. Cats?

9. Favorite song
Evening Wear - Mindless Self Indulgence
Novocaine - Fall Out Boy
House of Wolves - My Chemical Romance
Any Marina and the Diamonds song????

10. Favorite book
First of all: She/Her by StayAliveForRee even though I haven't read it in a long time because Wattpad kept freezing and then I procrastinated
Then I Love You. (But Not Really) by victurdfuentits because the writing is amazing and the plot is dhjvidhhdidjshsusijdhdufif
And published its probably Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalii
Or any book by Rick Riordan

. Im not tagged 20 people
SyntheticReality KilljoyLeYoungSinner stomachachesiero duck_you116 tomdicklonge
I cant think I anyone else rn I too busy dancing around my room

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