*Natalies POV*

"You know I can't eat ice cream with a spoon Louis!" Liam yelled from the living room. It was Friday, and we were having our annual Friday movie night. Zayn is still ignoring me; he hasn't talked to me in two weeks. I cry about it every day. I'm glad the boys are here to comfort me, if it wasn't for them, I would be a complete wreck, more than I am now.

"Sorry Liam!" Louis yells at him walking into the living room handing him a fork. "Yeah you better be Tomlinson." He laughed and started forking the ice cream.

The room went silent for a few moments when Harry broke the silence "So what are we watching?" He asked and got up walking towards the TV. "Can we watch Ratatouille?" Niall asked jumping up and down. I just sat there eyeing him with no expression on my face. "No Niall, if we do you will get really hungry, eat all of Natalie's food, and when we run out, you will beg us to go get more, no." Liam had to stand up and force him to sit down.

I slid some ice cream in my mouth and stared into the distance, Zayn on my mind. I just can't seem to get him out. "Has anyone seen Zayn lately?" I asked and looked around at the four boys paying attention to The Princess and the Frog, I guess that's what they decided to watch. "Uhm yeah, he actually called about forty minutes ago and said he was on his way." Niall smiled at me then back at the TV. "Yeah he said he had something to do, he said he would be here around 8:30." Liam continued. I looked out the clock, it was 8:34. Well he is late, I mean I don't care, it don't matter to me, I mean, he shouldn't even me coming! Why didn't I dis invite him?!

A creaking of the front door broke my thoughts. "Hi guys!" A familiar, deep, sexy voice filled my ears. "Hello Zayn." I said but he just ignored me, when the others said hey he replied. I really don't want us to be distant. I mean I know we broke up and everything- and I don't even know why, but he doesn't have to ignore me.

Another voice broke my thoughts, it was kind of nasal and squeaky, it was unfamiliar, I looked up and saw Zayns hand intertwined with some girl I have never seen before, she was about 5'6 a little taller than me, blonde curly locks that fell beneath her breasts, her eyes brown, and she had a natural tan, she was pretty, I wanted to bite her head off. Wait? Am I jealous? No, of course not, I couldn't be. Could I? "Hello."

She said. I stared at their hands in disbelief, he had a new girlfriend already?

"Guys, meet Cindy. Cindy, the guys." She waved at all of them, they were all sitting on the same side of the room, she didn't wave to me, probably because Zayn told her to ignore me.

"So, what are we watching?" She smiled and I shook my head in disgust, he voice is so, ugh. I can see why he picked her over me, He breast are huge and she is way prettier than I will ever be.

"We?" I asked. She looked over here with a huge smile on her face. "Yes, we. Zayn said I could join y'all." She smiled even bigger, I swear if she smiled any bigger than that then the skin around her lips would fall off and make her look like Jeff the Killer. "No." I mumbled under my breath, loud enough for just her to hear. "Excuse me?" She said in an angry tone. "Hmm?" I looked up from my ice cream pretending I didn't know what she was talking about. She narrowed her eyes and sat next to me.

"Cindy sweetie will you go grab the snacks out of the kitchen, they are on the counter." Zayn placed his hand on her knee. Her dress was way too short, whore.

"Sure thing babe." She gave him a kiss on the cheek and got up and headed to the kitchen.

"Natalie will you help me? I don't want to disturb the boys."

I rolled my eyes and just stayed where I was.

"Natalie?" She called again. I grunted, got up and slammed the ice cream down onto the table. I sighed and pulled my booty shorts down a bit and fixed my shirt.

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