Chapter 9

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"Y/n!" Steve's voice echoed out of the room, you took a deep breath steeling yourself. You pushed yourself off the wall, walking into to the training.
     Steve was drenched in a thick layer of sweat, his shirt clung to him, and had darkened. Bucky stood to his right, his shirt dis-guarded, and his large muscular arms crossed in front of him, sweat trickling down his body. It was obvious that the two had been sparring when the argument broke out. His bright blue eyes locked on you as you walked in.
    "Yes?" Your words were meek, as you approached the two men.
    "How much did you hear?" Steve asked, rubbing the beard that was starting to grow in.
    "I really don't want you to send me to Peter's, but I understand your reasons." You looked down at the mat, you could feel the tears starting to build. Your heart started to break as you conceded that Steve might be right.
    "No one is sending you away." Tony soften, your eyes snapped up. "You deserve to be here just as much as they do."
    "No buts, don't argue just accept that." He clipped turning back to the other two men. "We'll just have to figure out other options."
      "Tony, there aren't any other options. With her here, his flashbacks are stronger." Steve countered the billionaires argument, ignoring the fact both you and Bucky were in the room. You walked up to Bucky, maybe if they could see what you saw, then they'd understand.
     You brought your hand up to his Bucky's chest, pausing a moment. Your eyes met his as you silently asked for permission this time. He grabbed your hand, and brought it to his bare chest.
"Bucky, were going to get caught." Steve's young voice echoed, you clasped his small hand in yours.
   Reaching back, you roughly grabbed Steve's wrist, pulling him in with you. Hoping this worked.
"Steve, we're not going to get caught. Stop worrying." You chuckle, ducking down under the ticket booth, slowly creeping forward. Both of you wanted to see the movie, but neither of your mothers were letting you anytime soon.
     Quietly you crept into the lobby, pasted the snack bar, quickly you and him darted into the theater, taking a seat in the back corner as the lights began to dim. Your heart racing, excitement pumping through your veins. You looked at Steve his eyes wide, and huge smile on his face as he looked up you.
    You let go of both men, staggering back a bit. Tony caught you at your waist as you breathed out heavily looking up at the men, wondering if  your powers worked that way.
     "1931" Steve breathed, looking over at Bucky.
    "Dracula, our moms thought it was a garbage movie." He chuckled softly, shaking his head. "We got caught, the usher brought us to lobby and called my mom. Boy did we get a whooping when we got home."
    "I never did see the end of that movie." Steve added, the fight in words were gone, he was reliving the past with his friend at the moment.
    "Did you?" Tony whispered in your ear.
     "Pull Steve into the memory, yes." You replied shakily, not sure how you did it. You watch as the two men started talking and laughing.
    "It must have been good."
     "Most of his memories are good, it's the Winter Soldier ones that aren't." You reply quietly to him.
     "What triggers those?" You glance over, you had your suspicions.
    "Be ready. I'm not sure how this is going to go." You whispered to him walking back to Bucky and Steve. "James, can I try something?"
      "Sure, doll." You glance at Steve, his smile a mile wide. Nervously you reached for his metal hand.
     "I'm sorry." You stated, seizing the cold metal in you fingers.
You hit the ground hard, knocking your breath from you, your eyes fluttered open, a man with a round face. His accent, your arm, it's missing. Panic started to in. People talking, the smell of antiseptic.
    Your strapped to the table, and IV in your remaining arm, fire flowing into your blood stream. You scream in pain through the gag, words are being spoken in Russian. Your brain starts to fill foggy.
    Distant memories fly rapidly through your head, your stomach lurched. You're heavy, so heavy. Boom, suddenly your brain is on fire, and the memories flood through again.
     More fire in your veins, you scream again, the pain almost unbearable now. You throw up bile behind the gag. Suddenly everything stops, your mind is blank.
     "Ready to comply."
    You were ripped from your vision, the world around you spun. Your chest heaved, Tony holding you away from Bucky. You look over his shoulder.
     His eyes had turned to ice, his posture rigid, every muscle coiled tightly. His lips pulled tight into a grimace. Just like how you had found him in the common room yesterday, you triggered the Winter Soldier. James Barnes was locked away, and the assassin was back.
    Steve's muscles tensed, slowly the Winter Soldier turned his head toward the man he had been joking with. His fist shot out at a rapid speed, striking Steve in the face. He stumbled back, ready to defend himself when the next strike came.
    "Tony, let me go." Your words an urgent plea.
    "Can't do that kid." He pushed you behind him, pressing a button on the metal bracelet he wore. You watched as metal inched out encasing his hand in the Iron Man gantlet.
      The Winter Soldier threw Steve through a wall before turning his attention to Tony. His chest heaving, dead eyes focused on the man.
     "All right, you've broken enough of my things." Tony charged the glove and a blast hurtled toward the Winter Soldier. His metal arm snapped up, blocking the blast as he reached Tony. Grabbing him by the neck, casting him aside like a rag doll.
    His cold eyes trained on you, his fist came at you at lighting speed. Here you were dodging everything that he threw at you like the last time, your mind racing. You needed to get close to him again without getting decked. You saw Steve slowly getting to his feet from the rubble, you had to act fast.
     "Soldat!" You shouted on a hunch, the strikes stopped, the Winter Soldier stood in place as his cold stare bore into you. You took a cautious step toward him, his finger twitched in response. You could see Steve start to get up behind him, you raised you hand telling him to stop.
     Your heart thundered in your chest as you approached the ex-assassin. His gaze penetrated to you to core, your breathing was erratic. You finally closed the distance between you, every fiber in your being telling you to back up. You put your bare hand on his face, finding the memory, the phrase that seemed to bring him back.
"I'm with you to the end of line."
    Bucky stumble back a bit, shaking his head. You didn't now the importance of that phrase, but it was there, more then once. So far it had seemed to bring James Barnes back every time the Winter Soldier came out. He looked around the room, before his eyes landed on you.
    "I didn't hit you again, did I?" He asked shakily.
    "No? You didn't." You had breathed, relaxing a bit.
    "You brought him out of it?" Steve's voice wavered.
     "That's what I was going to tell you in the common room." You walked over, helping Tony from the ground. You looked back over at Steve, an anger slowly building as you remember him cutting you off. "If you would taken the time to listen."

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