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eight —— hanna's weird

          "MELISSA still giving you the cold shoulder?" Bella asked Spencer as they walked down the schools hallway and to Spencer's locker

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          "MELISSA still giving you the cold shoulder?" Bella asked Spencer as they walked down the schools hallway and to Spencer's locker.

          "This is different then our usual fights, Bell." Was all Spencer replied with.

          "Trust me I know." Bella reminded the Hastings that she had told Bella what happened. "I have no idea what I would do if Jordan kissed my boyfriend." Bella could help but have a horrifying look on her face, making Spencer laugh. "I should be glad that she is to busy trying to get a boy to see her for something other then a friend." She commented as Spencer opened her locker, only for half of her books to fall out. The two girls were quick to reach down and collect the fallen books, and they were helped but another.

          "Russian History?" Aria asked as she picked up said book.

          "Please don't remind me." Bella signed as she remembered how she spent most of the night before trying to draft an essay for that class. She happily finished the draft and was hoping to finalise it that night.

          "How many AP classes does it take until your brain explodes?" Aria sarcastically asked as she put the book back into Spencer's locker.

          "I'm already drowning in there." Spencer commented making Bella feel sorry for her friend.

          "Why, what's drowning for you, B-plus?" Aria asked, sarcastically.

          "First paper's due Monday, and I've written two words my name." Spencer replied honestly.

          "Spence if you want I can come over and help you. I haven't even finished mine yet." Bella offered her help.

          "No. It should be fine. Thanks though." Spencer declined as the three started to walk to their next class.

          "What's going on?" Aria asked, also worried for their friend. "Hey, you're not still freaked out about what happened in the woods yesterday?" Aria asked. "Look, we do not have to do this thing for Ali until-"

          "No, it's not just that." Spencer cut her off. "It's . . . it's everything." Spencer decided against telling Aria. "Is there any chance either of your family's wants to adopt me?"

          "You know my family would adopt you in a heartbeat." Bella said as she hooked her arm with Spencer's, not liking how upset her friend was.

          The three stopped walking as they saw Jenna and Toby walk towards them, though the two walked straight past the three girls, along with the rest of their friend group as they kept walking.

          Sirens whiled in the distance as the shed was lit up in flames. The six girls ran away as they saw Toby running out with Jenna in his arms.

          Hanna joined the three girls as they watched Toby and Jenna walk towards Jenna's locker, seeing Emily with Maya across from the two, walking towards the group and talking.

          "He's back, too?" Aria asked once Emily joined the group, and Maya was out of earshot. "When did that happen?"

          "Maybe she needs help sending radioactive e-mails." Hanna answered.

          "Yeah, or he may be sending a few of his own." Spencer added.

          "Hanna!" A voice called out to blonde. All of the girls looked to see who it was and saw that it was Detective Wilden.

          "Cops on campus too?" Bella mumbled not happy to see the detective.

          "I just spoke with your principal, asked him if we could have a chat." Wilden said once he reached the girls.

          "No, I have to get to class." Hanna argued, not wanting to talk to the detective alone.

          "Don't worry. You've been excused." He said, not taking no for an answer. "Let's go." He said as both he and Hanna walked away, as the bell rang.

          "What is going on? Why just her?" Aria asked what all the girls were thinking.

          "Probably thinks she's the easiest the crack." Emily answered.

          "She is." Spencer added.

          "You guys don't give Hanna enough credit. She'll be fine." Bella said, though it wasn't clear who she was trying to reassure, if it was herself or her friends.

          "Whisper, whisper, whisper." Jenna said as she walked passed the remaining four girls. "Almost feel like Alison's still here." She added making Bella roll her eyes at the blind girl.

          After the girls class the four girls waited at Bella's locker for Hanna.

          "What are you doing?" Spencer asked Aria as the small girl was on her phone. "Is that a new phone?"

          "Yeah. I'll just write on Hanna's wall from here." Aria answered.

          "If she's not answering texts, what makes you think she's checking facebook?" Bella asked, not convinced that the blonde would answer Aria on her wall.

          "It's worth a try." Aria answered. Though before she could hit post the blonde they were worried about joined them.

          "What's going on?" Hanna asked as if it was no big deal.

          "We've been trying to get a hold of you. What happened in there?" Aria asked.

         "Nothing, just the same old stupid questions." Hanna answered, brushing off the question.

          "You were in there for an hour, Hanna. What else did he ask?" Spencer in formed the girl, not believing that it was the same question for an hour.

          "Nothing." The blonde shrugged. "He just took a couple calls, and I just sat there, waiting for him to shut up."

          "Well, is he going to question all of us alone now?" Aria asked, not wanting to be questioned alone.

          "Who knows?" Hanna answered. "Look, let's do this at lunch, okay?" Hanna asked not in the mood to get questioned by her friends. "I have to hit the ladies' before my next class." She said before she walked off.

          "Is she being weird?" Bella asked once the blonde was out of earshot.

          "She's being weird." Emily confirmed. "I'll see you guys at lunch." Emily said before walking off as well.

          "Same. Bye." Bella said before she too, walked off to her next class.

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toby is finally here. yay!

should i keep emily as
his lab partner or make
bella his lab partner?

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