"I have my reasons" Neels said gathering both of our bowls and leaving them in the sink. He walked out of the kitchen and I followed him. We both gathered our bags and headed straight for school. I sat on the passenger side looking out of the window. Neel had said we would go back to my house to get my clothes. I didn't want to go. I didn't to run into anyone. I didn't want Neel to see the house. I didn't want him to see my excuse of a room. Neel pulled up into a parking slot in the school parking lot, and motioned to me to get out. I swallowed the lump in my throat picking up my bag before getting out of the car. Most people stopped what they were doing and were just staring. 

As if Neel knew that this could trigger a panic attack, he immediately came to stand next me and cupped my face so that I would look at him. Surprise lit his face just like it lit mine. I didn't flinch when he touched me. He quickly released me rubbing the back of his neck. Stares quickly turned to whispered but all I did was stare a Neel. For some reason he kept me calm.

"I'm fine" I choked out.

"You will be. Remember what I said" he stressed before he turned around and walked away. I hitched my bag higher and my shoulder not taking my eyes of the ground as I walked into the building. My heart began to rise when everyone continued to stare at me in the hallway. I sped-walked to my locker to retrieve my sociology book and more or less ran straight to my class. I loved sociology. Mostly because my teacher was one the of nicest people I have met. She was probably early thirties but she was stunning. 

"Morning" Mrs Bauer gleamed once she saw me. I gave her a small smile, taking my seat. The bell rang shortly after and the class began filling up. The first few classes dragged along extremely slow, until lunch came along. As soon as the bell rang, my heart dropped to my stomach. I had a really bad feeling.  

I walked through the hallway trying to avoid any altercations with anyone. I was nearly out of the hallway when I felt someone grip my wrist pulling me back. I immediately recognised him even when his back was turned. He dragged me into a classroom locking the door behind in. 

"Who's going to come to your rescue now?" Tobias laughed stalking towards me. I inched backwards until by back hit the wall. He slammed his hands down against the wall, on either side of by head, effectively trapping me. 

"Let go, please" I hated that my voice was shaking like crazy.

 "And why would I do that? So you can run back to that son of a bitch?" I winced when Tobias harshly squeezed my hip. I trashed around in his hold, but that just made him want to do it more. He then moved his hand from my hip to my throat. My eyes widened and my hands flew to my throat trying to pry his away. He grip tightened cutting of my circulation further. He then used his free hand to grasp my face. My eyes watered and my vision began to blur but he didn't stop.

"I expect you home straight after school, do you understand!" He applied more pressure to his hold with every word he said, lifting me off the ground. He strangled me for a few extra seconds - just for good measure - before he released me and walked out of the door. I crumpled to the floor harshly coughing and gasping at the same time. I don't know how long I sat there. Crying. Shaking. I knew it couldn't last. I had to go back at some point. Wiping my face, I shakily stood up, finding my bag. I pulled the hood over my head, ignoring anyone who stared and headed straight for the main door and out onto the field. I found a vacant tree and sat under it, staring at nothingness. I pulled my knees to my chest, ignoring the burning of my throat. 

"Olivia?" I jumped at the voice. Just hearing his voice made me want to burst into tears again. But I couldn't. I wouldn't.

"What are you do-...look at me" Neel crouched down next to me. I didn't lift my head off my knees and just hid my face further into my arms. I felt his hand remove the hood off my hair as he patted my hair down. 

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