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That's right, More of this crap

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What Type of story would you guys like to see next?

Pick your favorite idea, and just comment the letter next to the type

A. Some type of vampire story, no sparkly ones though (could be a title)

B. The boring life of a typical 21st century teenager (could also be a title)


1. Can be written as an story

2. As a diary

3. or in the kids point of veiw

C. Something also common, The Typical ways of a Single Mom (second part could be a title)


1. Can be written in a teens P.O.V. like a teen mom

2. A young (20-30) Single mom P.O.V.

3. The kid to the single mom P.O.V.

D. The Secret Life Of Teen Celebrities (Could be tittle)

E. My Love Life As an American Loser (Could Be Title)

F. My Brother Might Be The Love Of My Life, Or Maybe My Hot Cousin (could be title...You know what, just assume all of these are titles)


1. Brother and cousin adopted

2. Cousin adopted/ ends up with cousin

3. Brother adopted/ Ends up with brother

4. Turns out girl decides to be a lesbian and falls in love with her best friend, who has loved her all along

G. My four hot Captors, maybe I don't want to be given back (Captors, as in they kidnapped you)

H. Dear Mom and Dad, I'm dead. (Suicide before and after)

Thats all for now, Pick the ones you like, with the options you like, and any suggestions you have...THANKS



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