Chapter 2

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It was a chilled day, the sky was unnecessarysily dark with no sign of rain. perfect day for Jungkook to nap on the roof top. so he took his diary and settled at his usual spot, the bench. he didn't even realize he had fallen asleep until he felt a soft voice calling him

"Jungkook? hey?" the voice called with a soft fingers running through his hair, Jungkook sat up and cleared his throat before he rubbed his eyes to see who woke him up

"Thank god you woke up, I thought you passed out because your breathing wasn't regular. are you okay?" the person asked worriedly and Jungkook nodded

"I'm okay, thank you Jimin" Jungkook replied timidly as he started grabbing his dairy and jacket

"Are you leaving?" a deep smooth voice spoke making Jungkook stop mid way of grabbing his stuff. he didn't even notice there was someone with Jimin, he didn't recognize the face.

'wow' Jungkook thought, the guy was really handsome, but he didn't show any signs of what he was thinking. he just gave a slight nod, barely noticeable

"ah! I forgot to introduce you guys. Jungkook, this is Taehyung, he is a family friend, he is in performing arts and Tae, this is Jeon Jungkook, he is from the photography department" Jimin introduces and Taehyung gives out a huge smile with his hand stretched out for a handshake

Jungkook stares at it for few seconds before he gives a vague bow and walks away ignoring the calls from Jimin.


"I'm sorry about Jungkook, he is a very reserved kind of person" Jimin apologizes as they munch on the snacks Taehyung had bought with him. Taehyung waved his hand in dismissal

"ah, don't worry. I understand. Not everyone is like you and me" Taehyung teased giggling and Jimin joined in agreeing as they say down watching over the view from the rooftop, it was remarkably beautiful. they went on and on about random stuff until they had to go back to their remaining classes


The sound of the bell ringing caught Jungkook's attention, he stopped what he was doing and turned towards the counter. He was ready to take an order, without an ounce of kindness and hospitality, he stood ready to punch in the orders when he heard the voice

"oh? rooftop!" the voice exclaimed making Jungkook look up for the first time ever since he got to work.

New guy.

"Jungkook right?" Taehyung smiled brightly upon seeing a familiar face, Jungkook gave a small nod waiting for the guy to place his order, Taehyung quickly apologized realizing he was keeping people waiting

"Can I get two Ice latte?" Taehyung said softly as he handed his card, Jungkook had yet to speak. The younger hadn't spoken a word and it was starting to get awkward.

Taehyung chose a table by the corner, it had good view of the cafe and the cute guy who had yet to speak a full sentence. He wondered if Jungkook was just shy because they were strangers or actually doesn't quiet on a regular basis. either way, he found him charming just the way he was. Taehyung was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't realize his name being called from the counter

"your coffee" Jungkook said as he as he stood Infront of Taehyung.

"where?" Taehyung asked as he looked at the younger's hand and that's when he noticed, the tattoos.

"wow" Taehyung muttered as he stretched out his hand to touch them in amazement but Jungkook was quick to step back and point towards the counter

"you are supposed to come to the counter and get it yourself" He said as he walked back to his place, slightly pulling his hoodie down to cover his tattoos on the arm. A sheepish looking Taehyung followed with a giggle

"let's go" Taehyung said as he lifted the drinks from his counter making Jungkook look at him in confusion.

"you really didn't think I would drink two ice latte right? it's for us. let's get to know eachother" Taehyung said as he turned to leave but stopped when he didn't hear Jungkook following, and there he was, not moving an inch from his seat. instead, Jungkook had pulled out his laptop to edit some of the pictures he had taken for his photography class

"hey rooftop! what are you doing?" Taehyung asked as he stared at the younger's face

"work" He replied curtly making Taehyung sigh

"I knew it, no one wants to be my friend. it's okay, I understand. I am not really cool enough to be your friend. I knew I would be an outcast here. I'll just drink TWO ice latte on my own like a loser" Taehyung said loudly trying to look as sad as possible and stomped his way to his table and sat down

Jungkook on the other hand continued his work, ignoring all the dramatic sighs and loudly voice messages Taehyung "sent" to Jimin about how lonely he was since he had no friends. after a continuous attempt of getting Jungkook to come over, Taehyung gave up after 10mins.

"the cafe is literally empty! come sit with me Mr.Rooftop!" Taehyung yelled from the corner but still, Jungkook paid no attention. Taehyung sighed for one last time and took the last sip of his drink before he stood up and gathered his belongings

"I enjoyed our time together mr.rooftop, I hope it's better the next time" Taehyung said as he waved with a big smile before running out of the cafe, it was so abrupt that it startled Jungkook abt what's going on

'you are going?....' Jungkook mumbled but by that time, Taehyung was out of the sight. Jungkook sighed and flopped down on the chair. another chance missed. until he went over to clean the table and saw a smiley face with numbers and a little 'text me' with heart. Jungkook rolled his eyes but took a picture of the cup before getting back to his work

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