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  Marcus POV:
Y/n started to stutter and tried to find an excuse "ehh...." but I interrupted her and said straight "sure" and then I walked past her while pulling her with me. As we were in the hallway again, I still hold her hand and to be honest, she has the cutest and softest hands I have ever touched. As I looked down to our hands, and she fast pulled her hand away and stood there while looking down nervously and uncomfortable. I cleared my throat and said "ehh , well let's go" and swung my arm in the direction of the stairs to the basement. At first, I wasn't sure if she will follow me but after I took some steps I could feel her body near mine. As we were already on the stairs and took a few steps I stopped for a second and suddenly y/n walked into me. A small sound, which was sounding nervously and shocked, left her mouth. I turned around and saw that she was staring at the ground but I just needed to giggle, which made her look up to. As our eyes met, I saw something in her eyes which i don't like. Fear and sadness. After a few seconds of staring into each other's eyes, i started to smile. I never recognized her beauty, and how wonderful calm shining eyes she had. But as she saw me smiling she immediately looked fast down. I took a deep breath and started to walk further. As we were finally downstairs we walked directly into our music and chill room. There was a big couch, a Tv, a PlayStation and also a guitar and a Piano. I walked straight to the couch and made myself comfortable but she just stood there awkwardly and didn't knew what to do. I said "y/n you can also sit down" and then she slowly started to walk to the couch, but of course, she has sat far away from me. And then there was silence, i knew that I have to clear the things up now. It's my chance, so I say "ehh we need to talk" and then our eyes met again.

credits: mm.stories  

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