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  Y/N's PoV:
I was standing in front of my wardrobe and fight with myself about what I should wear. I mean I like both. But one is just simple but and I don't feel completely comfortable in it. Of course, I wear it sometimes but I don't know. I just want to be the confidant y/n again. But I think I will choose the simple one, or not? I was still fighting with myself as suddenly my dad walked in. He looked at me confused and recognized that I was struggling with myself. He just laughed and said "darling wear the things you love and like. In my opinion, you look beautiful in everything." And then he kissed my forehead. He added "well I think I will already go now. You will come after me as soon as possible but take your time" and then he walked out. Sometimes I have the feeling that my dad can look into my head and that he knows all my problems and... just that he knows everything. 

{Marcus POV} 

I drove as fast as I could back home and slowly opened the front door. I was so nervous, I mean it's already 19:15 and y/n and her dad will be there. Before I walked completely in I thought about how I should greet them. But before I could think about it, I already stood in the hallway and I heard some laughing sounds in the living room. I took a deep breath and walked in, I saw everyone except y/n, which made me disappointed. But I slowly walked up to her father and offered him my hand and said hello. My dad added while I greeted him "this is Marcus our son as well" and everyone giggled. I don't know why but as I looked into his eyes I asked shy "will y/n come as well", he smiled at me and nodded. He said with a calm and friendly voice "she will come soon, some girly struggles to find the right outfit" and I just nodded. As I turned around and walked into the kitchen I felt that someone followed me, it's was Martinus. He looked mad at me, what the hell have i done now?! I asked "what???" but before he could say something our doorbell rang.

credits: mm.writer  

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