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   Marcus POV:
I couldn't believe my eyes... I saw a letter which was dedicated to y/n. I slowly picked the letter up and started to read it. And what I read made me speechless, shocked and also it made me feel like that I need to throw up any second now. There were standing things like 'please do us the favor and kill yourself!' Or 'I see that the first letter didn't help you to understand how worthless you are', 'please kill yourself now! Nobody needs you and will ever love you!'... after those words I swallowed hard and also felt how wet my eyes were already because of my anger. This can't be true! Alexa is just a monster! And there was another letter!? And probably nobody knows about that letter! Y/n is just alone in this whole wide world with her problems. I've always knew that her dad didn't know about that, because he would do something against it. But that y/n try's to handle this thing all alone is just so sad! But now I'm here! I will help her. I will beat everyone's ass if they will hurt her ever again! And suddenly I heard that someone walked upstairs, probably Alexa. I took a deep breath and calmed down a bit. I putted the letter fast into my jacket and as I turned around I saw Alexa already smirking at me. She walked up to me and kissed me, but I pushed her away, she disgusted me. She looked confused at me but before she could say something I said "Alexa it's over!" and then I was about to walk out of her room. But she said "You are kidding me right? I'm perfect for you!", "you aren't perfect Alexa! Look at you, you're a monster !" I said which made her speechless. She started to stutter " never find someone who is better... than mee! So this is... your last chance to take your words back and stay with me !" but I just shook my head and said "It's not that hard to find someone who is better than you! You are a monster just look at you!" and then I walked out. I looked at my clock as I was outside again and it's already 7pm. Ohhh nooo I'm already late!

 credits: mm.writer  

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