19. Weird

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❝ weird ❞

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A bouquet of flowers in his hand, he knelt in front of her grave. Jungkook couldn't stop his tears whenever he visits her. "I miss you," a whisper escaped his mouth. He just missed her so much.

And a month had already passed since the incident but he still couldn't get over the fact that she left him. The nightmares about the accident were haunting him till the day.

Moving on was not easy at all.

At this point, he was confused about his life. He knew it well that he needed to move on, but a part of him still said otherwise, still wanted her back.

"Jungkook." A warm hand touched his shoulders. He looked at the person, his wife who just knelt down beside him. She just came back after visiting her mother's grave.

"Let's go." Jungkook stood up and wiped his tears before walking away.

Jihae left a single flower for Miran which she picked from the bouquet of her mother. She followed Jungkook without saying a word since she was well aware that he couldn't bear to stay more at the place.

Sure enough, he would end up crying more if he did and she knew that his pain was still fresh. All he needed was time to heal but the real question was how long it would take?

Jungkook waited for her in the car. She entered the car and he drove to their house.

And the car stopped in front of their house. Jihae walked out of it, but Jungkook stayed behind. "Aren't you coming?" she asked when she noticed him still inside the car. Jungkook rested his head on the steering wheel, "I'll come, you go."

"Okay." She walked inside and he just stared at her from the back.

They kinda became friends but they still weren't close since they didn't get time to spend with each other.

On the working days, they were always busy. They used to work early in the morning and meet only at the time of dinner. And at the dinner time, they had a talk about the things that they did on that day.

Both of them used to get tired and go to bed as soon as they finish dinner. They did share a bed since he felt lonely in his room.

Jungkook looked at the door which was half open. He didn't want to go inside today. He was staring at the house when he saw a shadow of a guy at the window. Who the hell is inside my house?

Jihae is alone inside.

And he ran into the house and saw her with a guy in the living room. The guy pulled her into a hug and she hugged him back. Jungkook ran to them and grabbed his shirt before turning him around.

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