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   Marcus POV:
As I saw this I couldn't control myself anymore so I opened the door loud and fast. Both of them flinched and were looking at me shocked. I didn't know what to say or what to do. And as clumsy and dumb as I am, I started to yell at y/n again. I yelled "you're a fucking thief! Why the hell did you steal the cap from my girlfriend! What the hell is wrong with you!" and then I started to run outside. I grabbed my backpack and went home. Why do I always have to mess up everything? Every time I see y/n with Martinus or when I fucking nervous I started to scream and yell at her. I'm the most horrible person I know! But I'm just so jealous and fucking mad that I let out all my anger on y/n. She didn't deserve that, I always hurt her. I don't know what happened to me since this new school year but it's just... I'm so confused. I don't know what I feel or who I love. But sadly I know that Alexa is lying all the time. But as stupid as I am I still believe her, well I don't believe her but when I see y/n with someone else, especially with my twin brother I'm so mad and can't control me anymore and then happens situations like this! My plan was that I want to apologize to y/n, but before I could do that I messed up the things again. While thinking about that and walking home, Tears were running down my cheeks. Before I walked into my house, I tried to calm down a bit before I walked in. I don't want that my mom will see me like this. After some minutes I finally walked in, and out of nowhere, my mom stood there looking at me. For my luck I didn't need to say something, she asked "darling aren't you feel that well?", and I just nodded, I'm too tired to answer. I slowly walked upstairs and changed my clothes into some comfy ones and laid myself in my bed. Suddenly some knocked at my door. I said quietly "yes" and my mom walked in with some tea and a bit food. She kissed my forehead and said "get some rest okay" and I just nodded. As she was gone, I immediately fell asleep.

credits: mm.stories    

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