Chapter Seven

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It's been a while since a Jax POV so I though it was time we got a look into what he was thinking shall we...

It took everything in me to leave Annabelle with Dr Tessler as I went to sit in the waiting room after seeing her worried face once she realised I was getting up and leaving without her.

"I'll be waiting right outside okay my little mate" I stated as I kissed her on the forehead and sat in one of the uncomfortable waiting room chairs. Did I seriously okay these chairs? I will definitely have to look into getting some comfier ones for my pack once I have a spare five minutes. Xavier has been looking after the pack since I first found Annabelle yesterday, not wanting to leave her for a second, just in case she got scared at her new surroundings and makes a run for it.

I don't know what she has been through to make her so skittish but I can imagine I will not like the answer once I get it out of her. I clenched my fists in anger at the mere thought of someone hurting my mate, hurting what's mine and I had to take deep cleansing breaths before I destroyed this room in anger.

'Alpha we are finished' Dr Tessler linked me and I sighed in relief at the thought of having her in my arms again, she was like a calming balm to my life and I can't imagine my life without her even though I've only known her for a total of fourteen hours.

I walked in to find her exactly where I left her, whether she was there the whole time and couldn't move I don't know but saw her physically relax as soon as her eyes locked into mine.

"Alpha I would like a moment to configure all of my data so if you wouldn't mind taking Annabelle outside for a few minutes I would really appreciate it."

I nodded and took Annabelle into my arms, glad I finally had her back with me, and made my way back to those uncomfortable chairs.

"So how'd it go?" I asked, wanting to find out if the doctor had made her uncomfortable in any way but she just shrugged and nodded her head, as if that answered all of my questions.

I sighed and nodded, I hoped she would trust me enough to talk to me soon, her voice was like music to my ears and I could hear her talk all day.

"Annabelle, the doctors ready for you now" the receptionist informed us as she peaked her head over her desk. I heard her heart flutter ever so slightly when our eyes locked but she quickly down cast them as she realised I was looking at her.

I rolled my eyes and stood up, making my way back into the doctors office.

"So Annabelle, I've correlated everything together for today and determined there's nothing a bit of rest and plenty of food and liquid won't fix" she stated and I let out a sigh in relief, thankful that my mate was okay.

"Your quite malnourished so I'm putting you on a high calorie diet for a week or two until you put more weight on and I'd like to see you again next Friday for a catch up to see how you're getting on okay?"

I nodded my understanding to the doctor but frowned when I saw Annabelle look up at me as if she was asking for permission to be on this diet. Did wherever she came from with hold food from her? I mean it would explain why she was so underweight. I held back a growl at the thought and looked back into her beautiful blue eyes, instantly calming me.

"You okay little mate?" I asked when I realised she was still staring at me, as I tucked a strand of her golden locks behind her ear.

She smiled up and me and she suddenly looked like the weight had been lifted off her shoulders, I wonder what she's thinking about right now? I can't wait to mark her so I would no longer have to guess what she's feeling, mates can block thoughts from each other but not emotions.

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