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This will be updated as the book progresses:

Vēïtar (vay•thar) : Rhaessa's and Minza's kind. Known commonly as witches. Highly predatory female race very similar to human anatomy. Secluded people, mostly extinct. Typical features include red eyes and dark brown coloring and black hair. Origin: unknown.

Stæva (stay•va): Puberty of sorts to the Vēïtar people. Child fully develops their predatory instincts, which includes shaping of their other form. Eyes also turn from brown to the race's signature red. Child also becomes exponentially faster and stronger, as well as stronger magic and control.

Luraek (lew•rake): One of three major discovered continents. Currently ruled by the human race. Monarchy. Includes more than six hundred different species. Under new monarchy rule, however, it is all one nation and divided into states, not countries.

Meros (may•rose): Capital state of Luraek. Stronghold of the nation and where the King currently resides.

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