Chapter 23. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

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Draco POV

"Make sure each of us gets one of these keys. It opens the door to the ROR we are using." I told Neville and Luna, as they were able to move around the school without raising much suspicion. 

Pansy and I were decorating the training room, while Blaise had just finished enchanting the keys.
They had 'We all DADA' engraved and a number on the bottom. 'DADA' doesn't stand for Defence Against the Dark Arts, but Don't Agree with Dumbledore's Aspersion. 

The number on the key always changes to the next meeting date. 

We had finally agreed on a name, deciding on 'Unitas', meaning Unity in Latin. We were one group against the hatred going around this world.
I had to stop some of the extreme members of the group from spraying giant 'U's around the school, reminding them that we weren't some gang! 

We had started to make a training schedule, when Neville came running into the room, basically throwing around his happiness.
"Draco, look! My soon to be mate sent me a coat!" he shouted, presenting me a nice beige coat that looked as if it could withstand a Siberian winter.
I sighed happily, pulling him into a hug.

"One day you have to let me meet this man. And I am going to tell him how to treat you right." I promised him, and he laughed.
"You are not my big brother...."
"And? He still has to be top quality after that great job I did!" I joked, ruffling his hair, making him pout at me. 

"What are you going to wear for the Halloween party?" Neville asked Luna, trying to change the subject.

Pansy answered for her mate, who seemed too much in her thought to even register Neville:
"We aren't going. It's the first thing we are going to tell the people when they come today. One part of our rebellion is going to be not participating in any festivity planned by Dumbledore."
It had been a rather spontaneous idea, but none of us had ever liked this party, as it was mainly about drinking and listening to garbage music, so it wasn't really a loss.

Well, it was time to open the doors and start the first training session.

Harry POV

"So, what about Halloween?" I asked my semeistva during lunch.
"What is that?" Someone across the table asked.
"You know, Halloween. When everybody dresses up in costumes and the children go around trick or treating and the adults drink a bunch of alcohol and party?" I said, eating a bit more of my steak.
"Never heard of that. This is something English isn't it?" he asked.
"No, it comes from Ireland, but spread around the world. I am sorry, I sometimes forget that I am not in England anymore, and that we don't have the same traditions as you do." I apologized, getting a pat on the head by Lidiya. 

"But you celebrate Christmas?" I asked, a bit shy.
 "Course we do. But we do it at the 6th of January. Old orthodox tradition." Lidiya answered, turning to Alek.
"You having training today?"
"Yep, you coming?" She nodded, giving Alek a wink, who became a bit red and winked back. 

What was going on? I may be really bloody oblivious, but there had to be something.
But what?
Training was normal, but cold. We were thinking of moving the training into the hall when we entered the field and were met by an unpleasant surprise. 

"Nadeja, what are you doing here? We have the field reserved for today." Eva said, crossing her arms in front of her chest, while Alek ran to keep the other broomers in the cupboards, so the Sharans wouldn't discover our new plan.
Nadeja stopped her people from training, making them come over to us and look at us with hatred.
"Well, we were chosen to cheer on the Quidditch games during the first season. And I think they didn't even think about asking your group of losers! And we need to have the field today, so that we can train for such an important event. Now move, we have things to do." Nadeja said, making a peasant move with her hand, but Eva stood there, not moving. 

"Hey, you have to leave, Missy!" Nadeja repeated, making her whole group stare even more evil at us

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"Hey, you have to leave, Missy!" Nadeja repeated, making her whole group stare even more evil at us. Eva just shook her head.
"I left once, now it is your turn to go." 

The field was silent.
Nadeja had her next line stuck in her throat.
All she was able to say was: "But we are not leaving!", like a small child on a playground. 

Eva didn't stop staring at the other cheer-captain, her arms still crossed with a smug smile. "Harry, could you get the headmaster, it seems we are having a problem here."
I just nodded, wanting to leave as quickly as possible. This whole situation made me uncomfortable.
"You don't have to, we are moving inside. You might have won this fight, but I am getting my revenge!" Nadeja promised, turning around and leaving. Eva just let out a sigh, turning to the rest of the cheer group. 

"Now, we are going to do some warm-up, and try the new dance choreography. No columns or specials, just the basics."
We nodded and began to stretch. As good as I might be as a flyer, I can't dance for my dear life, not like Alek. So, I was allowed to say in the back of the group and try not to stumble over my feet and recite the Bulgarian chants victor had helped me to learn by heart. 

I was sweaty and just wanted to take a nice shower and change when I saw Nadeja coming over.
"Hey, Alek! I am soooo sorry to bother you just now. Could I talk to you for a minute?" she asked in a sickly-sweet voice.
Alek turned around and nodded, a little unsure. While they walked away from us a little, and I heard Lidiya whisper to Victor: "Something smells fishy. I am going with them." She ran after them, always giving Nadeja a death glare, making sure Alek was really close. 


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