c. four

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The following day I sat in the school's newspaper room. I sat next to Kevin and across from my sister while Betty was leaned against a table. I bounced a random tennis ball on the table, my eyes focused on the ball and my mind elsewhere.

"We can't let the terrorists win." Betty's voice broke from the silence. I kept bouncing the ball while looking up at her. "We need to host an event at Pop's, that reminds the town of simpler times." She had so much determination and pride in her voice as she spoke.

I rolled my eyes and looked at the green ball in my hand. "And how the f*ck are you gonna do that?" I asked her with a smirk. She had said it herself - no one was going to Pop's because of the incident, so how will she be able to make an event that will make them go and forgot everything. "A throwback to when the Shoppe first opened its doors." She responded. I rolled my eyes while Veronica put her input in.

"Betty" she started, looking down at the tables while the rest of us looked at her. "I like a good milkshake as much as any girl does, and Pop's puts Serendipity 3's to shame" she looked over her shoulder at me, giving a smile at the memories of our family going there every weekend back in New York.

Turning back to Betty, she held a confused and puzzled face. "But why this hill to die on?" She emphasised the 'this', pointing it specifically. Betty was quiet for a few seconds, moving around in her spot.

"Orange freezes with my mom and Polly after ballet. Chicken noodle soup with my dad after ice skating. Grilled cheeses with Archie on the last day of summer vacation." She listed with a smile on her face, as she thought back to the memories. She turned to face Veronica then me with her smile still on her lips. "It's where I met you two for the first time."

I vividly remember that night. Veronica, my mom and me had just got to town and we were getting something to eat for dinner. We went to the Chock'lit Shoppe where my sister dragged me over to a blonde and a redhead sitting in a booth. Betty had such a huge smile on her face as she spoke, while my sister and Archie gave each other long looks. I stood to the side, watching it unfold.

"It's where I met you for the first time" Betty continued to say as she held her hand on Kevin's shoulder. Her face then dropped slightly and she held her head down. "Also, Jug."

I was confused at first what she meant by Jughead, but then she explained how he may lose his dad and she wants to save this one place for him. Nodding my head slowly, I thought about what she was saying. Maybe I could help but only for Jughead and Pop's amazing burgers.

I was going to say how I'll help do some sort of planning, when a knock on the door interrupted me before swinging open. All eyes turned to the opening door, where my father stood with a bouquet of yellow roses and a new NBA basketball, still in its packaging. I looked at him confused as he walked in the room.

"Hey Veronica, Amelia. May I speak to you?" He asked us with a hopeful tone. I looked across the table at Veronica who was also just as confused. She was quiet before saying the one word I hated the most. "Daddy?"

Next to me Kevin and Betty both straightened up and looked even more confused then Veronica and I. "Daddy?" The said in sync, confusion in their voices.

Getting up I followed my father and sister outside to an empty table near the basketball courts. Standing on the left of my dad with Veronica on the other side, he started to speak as we walked to the table. "Everyday I was in prison, I thought about getting back to you two and your mother. I knew it wouldn't be easy, I knew it would take time."

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