Part 23 (3)

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Georgie: "Hang on a minute, I just need to talk to someone so I'll be back in a minute.

??? (2): "Could you please turn your phone off? We need to get as much info out of you as possible without distractions."

Georgie: "No! Please, I swear it won't be a distraction. I'll have a panic attack if I go off call, she's all I have!"

??? (2): "Well... we'll have to talk to someone about it."

???: "C'mon, cut the poor girl some slack!"

??? (2): "Fine. Now get in the car. This is Jennifer McStarks, our boss. She'll be with me, taking notes on the kidnapper. We must know as much as possible, including what he did to you."

Georgie: "But-"

??? (3): "Good afternoon, dear. Call me Jenny, and if you're easy to work with, I'm sure we'll get along. Now, could you PLEASE turn that phone off?"

Georgie: "Oh no!" 

Jenny: "Georgie, this is a serious matter!"

Georgie: "Fine."


Jodi: What happened? Why are you off call?

Jodi: Georgie?!

Georgie: I wasn't allowed to keep on call. I'll update you with everything that happens. Just please stay safe. Warn my parents. They should know I'm missing. Tell them the whole story, no matter how hard it is.

Jodi: I will.

Georgie: Promise?

Jodi: Promise. 

Georgie: I'm the police car on the way home, being interrogated.

Jodi: Well you don't really know anything, do you?

Georgie: Not really. I know he had a really large beard, and was bald, but that's it. 

Jodi: Did you get the number plate?!

Georgie: OML I DID


Georgie: When I was being grabbed, I looked at the number plate, and seeing as I was on my phone at the time, I managed to click Memo, and I typed it in.

Jodi: Brilliant!

Georgie: I've just told Jenny. She's so proud. They've got loads of police cars after it.

Jodi: Are they tracking it?

Georgie: Jodi... He's on his way to you.

Jodi: WHAT

Georgie: We're about five to ten miles behind him, and he's going the same way as us. You NEED to get to safety. 

Jodi: I'm on your street with Lauren, Maia and Emily.

Georgie: Get to my parents immediately. From London to you is about, what, three or four hours depending on traffic. We should be able to get through as we're a police car, but he'll get stuck. Jesus this is scary.

Jodi: Can't wait to see you again.

Georgie: I've just had to give Jenny my jumper so they can examine it for fingerprints.

Georgie: I'm cold now

Jodi: You're parents know that you've been kidnapped..?!

Georgie: Wait how?

Jodi: Apparently the police called them as soon as they got your name. They were called about half an hour ago.

Georgie: Strange.

Jodi: WAIT what the hell's going on?

Georgie: What?

Jodi: Your house is surrounded by a SWAT team! I and the girls have been put in a police car and are being taken home in a few minutes.

Georgie: What about my grandparents?! 

Jodi: That's what your Dad asked. Apparently they're being guarded too

Georgie: That's a bit strange, but I'm thankful.

Jodi: Me too.

Georgie: I'm so scared. I feel like I'm being watched all the time.

Jodi: It's just the aftermath symptoms. You'll be fine, I swear.

Georgie: That van they're after? It's him. It must be, because no normal person would drive like this.

Jodi: What a fool. You're too smart for him, Georgie.

Georgie: Lol thanks

Jodi: So what's Jenny doing now?

Georgie: Nothing. It's just silent. It was rlly awkward so I've put some music on. 

Jodi: Glad you're calming down.

Georgie: Who said I was calm?!

Jodi: Do you wanna call me again?

Georgie: Still not allowed... :/

Jodi: That's just silly.

Georgie: Yeah, but I owe these people my life so I can't say anything.

Jodi: True

Jodi: Ffs Emily's broke down into tears again

Georgie: Comfort her. Tell her that everything will be OK

Jodi: I will x

Georgie: Say, does anyone miss me? ;)

Jodi: Well seeing as it's been all over the news that you're missing, there's an uproar on Instagram from the people that know you

Georgie: Like who?

Jodi: Well your crush won't stop messaging me, asking where you are and if you're ok. I'm keeping him updated

Georgie: Well.

Jodi: ;p

Georgie: I honestly can't wait until I get home. I miss you all more than ever.

Jodi: OH! Your parents are being evacuated from your home with your brother. I think we're being taken somewhere until the kidnapper has been caught.

Georgie: I'm so sorry that I've had to put you all through so much trouble.

Jodi: Honestly, it's fine. It's not your fault. And I'm sure we'll be ok.

Georgie: Another two hours and I should be back. 

Jodi: We miss you so much.

Georgie: The kidnapper hasn't been caught yet. 

Jodi: He will.

Georgie: Promise?

Jodi: Promise.

Part 23 (4) out soon :p

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