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Aana’s POV –

“Well we all know you’re fucking Joe!” Ron screamed behind me, as I was about to leave.  Anger shot through me, how dare she? I turned on my heel and walked back into the room to face Ron

 “Girls, come on. Stop now! This is stupid.” Lottie stepped in; attempting to avoid what was coming. I’m sure she could sense my anger radiating from me.

“UNLIKE YOU, I CAN KEEP MY LEGS SHUT.” I shouted, stepping closer. The next thing I know, Ron’s hand had collided with my left cheek. Although Ron wasn’t that strong, I know that took a lot. My cheek was stinging like a bitch and I’m sure even with the brown skin my face had gone red. Two can play at this game. I returned the slap just a hard. I think it was a shock to me and the girls.  “You’re not even worth it.” I muttered, shaking my head and leaving. My head was a state. I walked straight out, slamming the door behind me, leaving my keys and phone with Lott. I needed to clear my head. I’ve always cared about the girls, as the oldest and probably the mature one, I have to be. Ron’s always been quite naïve. Last night proved that to be a hundred % correct. How could she be so stupid? Sean’s just got out of a long term relationship, he was drunk. It’s only going to end in a big mess.

I found myself walking around the neighbourhood aimlessly. The girls were the only people I was close to, the only people I trusted. I had other friends but I wasn’t close enough with them to tell them my problems. My family are on holiday and I don’t have a boyfriend. Joe. I could go round Joe’s. I could really deal with a drink. Vanity doesn’t open for another hour so I could surprise him.  Waste abit of time. Plus, I’ve been texting him all morning, it would hopefully cheer him up.  Luckily, he told me where he lives this morning. Unlike Nate and Mark, he lives alone which is always a plus. I remember it being walking distance and a straight road from where I was. I carried on walking down the road, ignoring the stairs I was receiving from the people around. Mind you, I was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. It was in the middle of summer. When I had finally reached the little block, I stopped on the side, straightening my hair and clothes. Obviously we were in sync because just as I was about to walk over his Mercedes pulled in to the drive. I stayed put for a minute, waiting for him to walk in. He walked over to the passenger door and helped out a really pretty girl. My heart sank but me trying to be optimistic came to the conclusion of her being his sister. And there went that conclusion, when she reached up to him, pressing her lips to his. He did nothing to stop her, only pulled her closely. I felt the tears prick in my eyes and my head spinning. I turned, running down the road and to my house. Luckily I lived nearer to him than Gabby, so it wasn’t much of a run.  I reached under the mat, feeling around for the spare key. I had two options. Getting into bed with a few films and ice-cream, whilst crying my eyes out or I can go out, get pissed and get laid. I never was one to drown my sorrows in movies and ice cream. Drowning my sorrows in alcohol and men? Better solution.

I walked over to my wardrobe, looking for the perfect outfit. I couldn’t be assed for the dresses because I wasn’t about to shave. I grabbed a pair of black leather leggings, a burgundy lace peplum top and black suede stilettos. When I was satisfied on the caked make up, I walked to the main road, successfully flagging down a taxi. It only took ten minutes to get there and it was already packed. I paid the driver and walked down to the entrance, cutting the que and walking in. The bouncers all knew me and the girls so getting in was hardly a challenge. I walked straight over to the bar, making sure to strut my stuff and ordered a sex on the beach.

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