Hold on tightly, with unwavering eyes, like you've found the one moment of your life.

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Say it quickly all in one breath like you're dying and singing the blues.

And fall, through the astral void of her eyes,

A changeable blue like the skies.

Today they are stormy, almost grey.

Grey is a romantic colour - uncertainty is grey.

I catch my breath, in a gasp,

And swallow a mouthful of dreams - gone.

Long ago when I walked down the pages,

Of a book with my mind.

My hope suspended in another time.

She is trapped in a tower.

Far above the ground.

Where a dragon breathes a fire,

That burns with the passion of lost lovers.

I feel the cold of this lonely path.

I am forced to march,

To the drumming beat of my heart.

Military styles, and a long way down.

It's butterfly beat becomes a metallic sound

Click Click Click.

Where is my prince now?

The coward, ran away,

With his honour and his useless gun.

Afraid of the Love Dragon.

I am clutching at thin air.

I lost my hope in despair.

When my prince became a thief.

Who was never prepared to save me.

He only came and stole a kiss.

Faith, in the dream of an ever after.

In absolution, where success lives,

And you marry life, in a moment of bliss.

I hope that we have a soul, at the end of all this.

Life which is all about ends.

From that first blink of the eyelids,

To that succulent mouthful of medium- rare meat.

Just before we know we must die.

We might gain a little more time,

To laugh, but more often to cry.

In the end people will say.

A pity - she died of the cancer.

"So young" or "she lived a good life".

And shake their heads.

Trying to forget the looming reality.

Of their own death.

Life lives at the edge of destruction.

So I shake hands with the day.

And agree to fair play.

I'll grant you a smile and many good times -

Just send a rainbow my way.

And that girl with quintessence in her eyes.

Who dared to live an extraordinary life.

And struggle for the dream on a checkered board.

Finally to call "checkmate!" and blow me a kiss.

I wish her luck down the slipstream of...










Evelyn McNamara. 29th of June @ 2:52pm.

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