Chicken Wrapped With Parma Ham And Mashed Potatoes.

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Harry's POV

I shifted in my bed and woke up but groaned loudly as I didn't feel the comfortable warmth beside me. After an hour of crying, I and Louis slept in our room. It quite surprised me to see Louis crying because he doesn't cry or at least not in front of me or anyone else.

A soft and small hand caressed my cheek as I opened my eyes slowly. I adjusted my eyes because of the bright light and saw an Angel in front of me with a sunshine smile. The golden rays of the sun shined on him, making him more beautiful.

"Good morning, love." Louis smiled and pecked my cheek. I gave him a wide smile.

"Good morning., I mumbled as he gave me another kiss on the cheek and then my lips. I giggled.

"Why are you giving me kisses shower?" I said and looked at his eyes. I could just swim in those deep blue orb.

"I don't have any reason," Louis said sheepishly and blushed.

"I will go down. Take a shower and come down, yeah?" He said. I nodded.

After taking a good and warm shower, I went down. It was completely silent. I'm not complaining, I love it but when we have a boy like Niall in the house it won't be this quiet. Guess all others are still sleeping.

I made my way to the kitchen and my eyes widened after seeing the sight in front of me. Louis is freaking cooking! He doesn't even know how to use a single thing in the kitchen and here he is cooking like an expert.

"Louis!?" I called out still in shock. "What the hell are you doing in the 'kitchen'?" I air quoted the word kitchen. He glared at me.

"Well, if you can't see. I'M COOKING! And also keeping up my promise!" Louis said and smirked. He lowed the flame and gave me his full attention.

"Promise?" I smiled widely as I knew what he was talking about.....

I flipped in my bed and woke up after a very good nap. The tiredness was all gone. Small arms wrapped around my waist as I jumped and was about to get out of my bed but I heard a familiar laugh and relaxed. I opened my eyes to see my lovely boyfriend who was seeing me with a wide smile. I smiled at the thought of calling him mine.

"Got scared, babe?" Louis teased me. I rolled my eyes and looked at the clock in my nightstand. It was six in the evening.

"When did you come here?" I asked, my voice was really rough like my morning voice. Louis snuggled up to me.

"Half an hour before." He mumbled.

"You could have woke me up, Boo!" I said playing with his hair.

"No, I liked the view and didn't want to disturb it." I chuckled.

"Where's mom?" I asked as I remembered seeing her do some paperwork. She's working all day and night.

"Oh, yeah! Both our moms went outside as they didn't have time to spend for themselves lately." Louis sighed. I pulled him closer.

"That means I have my boyfriend all by myself!" I smirked and kissed his neck. He giggled.

"I'm hungry, Boo!" I whined.

"Then eat something," Louis said. I smirked widely as his eyes widened. "I didn't mean like that..."

"I know, I know!" I laughed. "But I don't have anything to eat."

"Awh, Don worry, there will be a day when we would be cooking for each other!" Louis exclaimed happily.

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