Chapter 8

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When you woke the next morning you were discombobulated, and groggy. You sat up from your make shift bed on the floor and stretched, a twinge in your back told you it was going to be a long day. You rose from the floor casting a glance at the wreckage that used to be you bed, piled neatly in the corner. You knew you were going to have to explain that at some point today.
You took a brisk shower before you wandered into the common room. The team had arrived home some point late last night, Natasha was sitting at the table, running her finger through a gouge in the wood. Slowly her eyes drifted up to you and the corners of her lips pulling up.
"So, y/n, what happened while we gone yesterday?" Her eyes bore into to you as you walked to the coffee pot.
"Nothing." You tried to keep your voice even, not bothering to glance her way.
"I may not have your power of second sight, but I know that's a bold face lie." At hint of humor in her voice. You took a ragged deep breath, trying to keep your hands steady as you poured yourself a coffee.
"I'm not sure what your getting at." Finally you turned to face her, she leaned back in the chair, crossing her arms.
"The boys may not have noticed, but the lamp is missing, there are new gouges in the table, a small tear on the back of the couch and the cupboard door is trying to fall off." She raised an eyebrow at you. "Would you like me to continue? I have a list."
"No, that's quite all right." You finally joined her at the table, she watched you intently, not speaking a word. The air became tense, she was waiting you out. You could feel your body start tense as she continue to sit and stare at you.
"Morning Nat, morning y/n." Sam stated groggily behind you, you didn't turn.
"Morning Wilson." She responded sweetly, leaning forward taking her coffee in her hand, her eyes never leaving you.
"Ugh, I hate coming in late." He muttered, opening the cupboard, it slipped forward almost knocking him in the face. The startled man jumped back fist raised, getting ready to fight the piece wood. "Guys? Has this always been like that?"
"Nope." Natasha replied, she smiled at you, just waiting. It wouldn't be long before everyone questioned what had happened. Sam turned to face you and the red head, he did a double take when his eyes landed on you.
"Jesus, y/n, what happened?" His eyes went wide, Steve came over to the table, putting his hand under your chin, forcing you to look up at him. You eyes flickered from Natasha to the super soldier, pain crossed his eyes for the briefest moment.
You looked past him, Bucky stood there his eyes casted down. His ball cap pull low, hiding part of his face, he looked like he hadn't slept all night. Dark circles under his eyes, he look tired.
"Buck," Steve turned to look over him, Bucky continued to look at the floor. "What exactly happened while we gone?"
"We were training." You lied, Bucky's head snapped up, he held your gaze, you could see he was confused.
"No, we weren't." His voice was soft and weak. Your heart broke, hearing the quilt in his words, he looked down again.
"Okay, one of you needs to tell me exactly what happened." Steve used his Captain voice, you knew he wasn't in the mood for bullshit.
"I.. I.." Bucky stammered, slowly his gaze reach yours, looking over your face before landing on the bruise he left.
"It was my fault." You spoke up. "I interrupted another nightmare."
"It was not your fault!" Bucky's tone raised, you saw a glimpse of anger on his face. "Look Steve, I was out here, I don't even remember coming out here. I was tearing the hell out of the room, and y/n came in."
"It wasn't you!" You snapped back at him, why couldn't he see that. That was the Winter Soldier, not James Barnes.
"Will you stop defending me? I did that, I hit you and nearly choked the life out of you." His word harsh, clipped, eyes narrowing on you.
"Both of you knock it off!" Steve commanded, he looked between the two of you.
"Bucky, go down the to gym, I'll meet you there."
Bucky gave you one long last glance before leaving. His shoulders sagged a bit as he left the room, you watched him till he was out of sight. Steve raised your chin a bit, bringing your attention to him. His normally calm features were replaced with worry and anger.
"Last warning, you need to stay away from him when he's like that." This time he was stern when he said it.
"But Steve..." He cut you off, turning around leaving you with Sam and Natasha who pretended not see what was going on.
"Soo, I'm going to say the cupboard is a new thing?" Sam attempted at jesting, failing miserably. You dropped your head to the table with a dull thud. You knew how to break him out of the winter soldier, or at least you were sure of it.
"Y/n," Natasha broke the silence, you lifted your head, glaring at her. "Calm down, I'm not going to chew you out. That's Steve and Tony's job."
You groaned loudly knowing it was a matter of time before you were called to his office. He would of watched the footage from last night, and then everyone in the building would know exactly what happened, including you two kissing on the couch.
"I'm not sure what's going on with you and Barnes, cause I've seen the way he looks at you. Just, be careful with him, his Hydra memories are still very fresh, and he's had more nightmares since you joined the team." Her words were smooth, very little emotion behind them. You had come to see that she held her cards close to her, not letting everyone else see how she truly felt. However, you know from touching her that her emotions ran deep and strong, very much like Bucky's did. People like them, the ones that hid their feelings, theirs were usually stronger then others.
You stood abruptly, leaving your coffee behind. You followed the hall to the elevator, pressing the button for the gym. Your mind set on talking to Steve about what you knew.
As you approached the gym you could hear the two in a heated argument. Words quick and clipped, the tension behind them. Quietly you crept to the door, leaning against the wall out of sight.
"Buck, how close were you to killing her last night?" Steve's voice boomed in the gym.
"I don't know, Steve." His words soft, guilt ridden.
"Jesus, did you see the bruise you left on her neck? I'm not even going to bring up her face, cause I know you saw that one." Anger and worry laced each word, absentmindedly you traced your hand across the front of your neck.
"You don't think I didn't notice?" Bucky's voice now started to raise.
"Maybe we can have Tony pull some strings, have her stay with May and Peter. At least till you get a handle on things."
"Seriously?!" Bucky scoffed. "Send her away? How do you think that's going to make it better? It won't matter if she's gone a week, a month, hell even a year. She's the one triggering it, she's helping me remember the good and bad. Stuff I can't remember my own."
"That's exactly why she needs to stay away from you!" Exasperation dripped from his raised words. Your heart sank, it was you causing him pain, and you realized that maybe Steve was right. Maybe, if you hadn't come into Bucky's life he could go back to some normalcy. Just try and forget the past, built something new.
"Steve, I kissed her." Your heart skipped upon hearing him confess to Steve the moment on the couch. "Before you say anything, when I kissed her I remembered. I remember my first kiss on the playground, she dared me. And Dahlia, you remember her."
"Yeah, your high school sweetheart." His words seemed to have deflated.
"Things I couldn't remember no matter how hard I tried. She brings back more good then bad."
A click click of dress shoes caught your attention down the hall. Tony took confident strides towards you. Dressed neatly in a grey suit, and rose tinted glasses, he stopped at the door looking you over, smirking.
"You, daydreamer, owe me a new bed." A hint of humor laced those words spoken to you. As he stepped into the room, you cursed yourself for coming down here.
"And you, Elsa, owe me a lot of new things. Question, did either of you know that our resident sight seer is standing outside the doorway?" You groaned loudly, thudding your head back on the wall.

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