Chapter 3

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Austin's POV

I wake up and and hear giggle. I open my eyes and see Zoe looks at me and giggles.


"Hello, my little love bug." She tries to pull her self up on the bed but struggles. I watch with amusement "Would you like some help?" I try not to laugh but fail.

"Yes, please." She huffs. I sit up and put her on the bed. "Thank you. Thank you very much." She giggles.

"Is Blake still sleeping?" I ask. She hums in response. "Do you want to help me make breakfast?"

"Yeah!" She jumps up and grabs my hand pulling me out of bed. When we get downstairs, I grab 3 eggs and put them on the counter in a tiny container so they won't rolls away. I grab bacon and pancake mix.

"Do you want to crack and mix the eggs?" She nods quickly and I give her a bowl and whisk. She steps on her stool and starts cracking and mixing. I start the bacon and pancakes and after a couple minutes Zoe walks over and gives me the eggs. I pick her up and put her on my left hip. "So put the eggs in here." I point to the pan and she puts the mixed eggs in. After I make the eggs I continue the bacon and pancakes. "Can you go wake up Blake?"
"Okayyy." She sighs knowing it's going to take a while.
After about 3 minutes I hear yelling and then I hear Zoe crying. I sigh and walk to Blake's room.

I go upstairs to wake up Blake and when I get to his door I hear he is already up and he is talking to someone on the phone. I go into his room to see his back turned from me

"Blakey time for breakfast!" He ignores me and keeps talking on the phone.

"Blake!" I yell tugging at his arm. He still ignores me. So I kick his leg and punch him a bunch of times. I see after a few moments he hangs up the phone. He puts his phone down harshly and turns to face me.

"What the hell Zoe!" I pulls me off of him and smacks my butt. "We don't hit remember!" He yells and I start to cry.
Austin's POV
"What happened?" I say annoyed but sternly.

"Blake hit me!" Zoe cried. I see Blake roll his eyes.

"Yeah, after you punched and kicked me repeatedly. So you go your butt smacked." Blake explains.

I look over at Zoe and see her sitting on the ground crying. I pick her up and look at her "Why are you crying?"

"He hurt my feelings." She starts to calm down and Blake grabs her out of my arms.

"I'm sorry princess. How about," he whispers something in her ear that I can't hear and her eyes light up and she smiles. "Let's go eat breakfast." He runs down to stairs and into the kitchen while holding Zoe. I look around and see a picture frame of us when Zoe was a baby.

Zoe was still a baby and I was on the right with Blake in the middle and Liam to the right

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Zoe was still a baby and I was on the right with Blake in the middle and Liam to the right.

Liam is 16 but is in the same grade as Blake because he's really smart and got to skip a grade. Our parents used to be friends before the accident. He is like a brother to us.

I make my way down stairs and see Zoe sitting in Blake's lap on the couch watching tv and eating food. I smile and grab myself some breakfast.

I am waiting for Blake to get home from school because he has to watch Zoe so I can go to the airport. He was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago and he still hasn't shown up.

"What's wrong Austi?" Zoe asks. I pick her up and kiss her cheek.

"Blake is late and I have to go."

"But I don't want you to go." She says but it's muffled by my shirt.

"I know I don't either, but I need to help Uncle Chris, and Aunt Taylor. I will only we gone for a couple weeks." I kiss her cheek again and walk to the kitchen and set her down so I can grab her some goldfish crackers to eat. When I give her the crackers the front door opens and Liam walks in.

"LIAM!" Zoe yells running to him as he opens his arms to hug her.

"Hey princess." He smiles. I look over at him and chuckle.

"See, girls love me." He says smiling and kisses Zoe's cheek and I laugh.

"Where's Blake?"

"Detention, for something he didn't do. Some kid broke into a locker and blamed it on Blake. I know he didn't do it cuz he was with me all day and night. He also said he didn't do it and I believe him."

"I swear Mr. Jaxon only hates him because of our dad." Mr. Jaxon and my dad used to be best friends but then they both fell for my mom. That ended up breaking the friendship they had.

"What did daddy do?" Zoe asks sweetly.

"Nothing." I didn't know what else to say. She doesn't really knows our dad  much.

"Austin hurry you need to leave. You're going to miss your flight. I'll watch Zoe. We will have so much fun. Isn't that right Zoe?" He tickled her.

"Yeah!" She giggles

"Ok, bye Zoe. Be good for Liam." I kiss her cheek.

"Bye, bye!" She blew a kiss and waved.

"Thanks for helping out Liam." I say grabbing my stuff by the door.

"No problem, have a good trip." I wave and close the door behind me. It is a half hour drive to the airport but almost an hour drive due to the traffic. When I get to the airport I check in my bags so I only have to take my backpack on the plan and go though security. I was nervous because I haven't seen my Aunt and Uncle in a long time.

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