Chapter 05 : Catching Up

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"Look I'm sorry!! I was just in the verge of insanity" Jeff said raising his arms up in defeat and giving Jane a tiny smile as she continued bickering about how stupid he is and something else that I wasn't able to hear

"Wait!" I said as I take in the information in "You were also in a coma and this douche bag put you in it!?" I asked pointing at Jeff

"uhm...yah that's basically what happened.." they both said in unison


"uhm before I met you guys and hey! I thought we were cool! Stop calling me a douche!" he said pouting

"Can I talk to Jane alone please Jeff-meaning go away for thirty minutes twerp" I said giving him a smile

"Fine make it quick I'll be back in like ten minutes" he said as he started walking into the woods with Smile by his side

"Soo...explain to me what happened"

" first he was our neighbor-" but before she could continue I cut her off

"Not that in the alternative world what was with all the squealing and the kissing and hugging and everything!?" I asked

"That was uhm...." her face started to turn red "that was the other Jane I couldn't control her.."

"hmmmmmm...ok" I said eyeing her expression "well now that we caught up would you want to meet the rest of my family?" I asked

"Well uhm....wouldn't they be scared if they see me?" she asked looking down at her feet

"Seriously? Have you seen Jeff I mean like really you're really pretty and I'm afraid you would be afraid of my family so would you?" I asked again pouting

First she gave me a confused look but nodded her head in agreement...we walked back to the mansion talking about the alternative world that we didn't realize that we were already facing the front door and Jeff behind us with Smile panting

"You-you two didn't wait for me!" he said trying to catch his breath

"so what of it?" I asked sounding sophisticated which just made Jane and I giggle and Jeff gape like a fish out of water "Oh geez! Get over it big boy!" I said making Jane burst into laughter and Jeff flipping me off

"ehem!" somebody said behind Jane and I-it was Ben "where were you?" he asked pointing at me

"oh my gahd Ben!!" Jane screamed as she opened her arms to hug Ben but he just dodged it making me laugh

"uhm excuse me but I have no idea who you are" he said looking at me then Jane then back at me again

"oh that's're not that Ben sorry bout that" she said face palming her face

"It's uhm ok....anyway Sally come with me we have to talk" he said as he gestured me to follow him inside the house

"Jeff don't leave Jane alone entertain her" I said as I followed Ben

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