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Walking into the forest deep.

Do not trip, or you shall know eternal sleep.

Fall into that glade of silken light.

Escape, forever, the bondage of eternal night.

Within the ring of trees, a secret place you'll find.

Landscapes without the imagination of the mind.

Where the fey creatures of times gone reside,

On the century long grasses,melody spun, to delight.

The silver souls of the travellers who wander by.

Unsuspecting of the enchanted glade, lost, at the edge of sight.

Somewhere in the dimensions beyond the mind, the eye.

Trapped and bound by the confines of a madman. Twain.

Wrapped round with harp charmed daisy chains.

Upon which you might stumble, as you blunder,

Blind, with an earthbound soul, Indulgent on this carnal world.

Fall into that pool of golden light.

Find your reflection, and swell your heart with delight.

In that inverted image you will see. Three.

The colours of this world, unified, inspired by her and he.

12/4/2010. Evelyn McNamara.

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