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Khanna companies
Inside everyone is gathered and laughing listening to someone. It's none other than our pragya.
While pragya is talking animating the staff are laughing.
Voice : what's going on here. Is this office or a market. Everyone get back to your work and  you pragya come to my cabin.
Listening to this everyone gets back to their works.
Pragya murmurs : agayi khaddos now I am gone oh godji save me.
Pragya knocks the cabin.
Voice : come in.
Pragya gets in to see her boss seriously engrossed in his system.
Pragya : bha... Boss you called me.
Hearing this the person sees her.

Purab : what was that?? Pragya : vo

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Purab : what was that??
Pragya : vo.. vo you only asked to explain our new project right I thought of explaining briefly... So..
Purab cuts her off by : I am not asking about outside I am asking about morning home incident what's that boss jiju..
Pragya : got the information ha didu told she have meeting it's with you ha..
Purab : Pragya...
Pragya : sorry...yeah who I am to interfere in your lives. And also I am just helping you.
Purab : but pragu..
Pragya angrily : stop but and all bhai . You love dii and di loves you then why are you hiding it from ma. You can tell her directly right. You know I hate lies and you and di are lying mama.
Purab moves towards her smiling and gives her water and sits beside her
Purab : calm down angry bird. Yeah you are helping us but we are afraid yar what if aunty won't accept our love then... you know I can't live without bulbul I want her in my life and I can't take any chances in our relationship.
Pragya cools hearing Purab.
Pragya : but bhai we must at least tell her na..
Purab smiles hearing her knowing about his Sali that she won't give up in her argument
Purab : will you give guarantee she will agree..
Pragya keeps silent.
Purab : Pragya I know what I am telling all you may not understand if you love someone you will understand and you said na I hate lies you will start telling them. And you won't regret for them.
Pragya moves towards door.
Pragya : I will never..
Saying this Pragya moves to her cabin.
Other side.
We can see a music recording studio. It's beautifully arranged.
Before we get mesmerized by seeing that we will be mesmerized by hearing the soulful voice.
We can see our Rockstar striking his guitar practicing for his concert.

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