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Yuri hugged his mother tightly and she held him smiling before pulling away keeping their hands linked and walked toward Yuri's old home. Yuri followed slowly like a fish that could only swim one way. He went inside and his father hugged him Yuri tensed at first expecting a blow.

His father pursed his lips, "Don't be stupid Yura. Your mom told you it's going to be different now right? Do you not believe her?"

"N- no it's not that at all I swear."

His mom sighed rolling her eyes, "Lighten up. It's fine. Go to bed son. We'll see you in the morning."

Yuri nodded and went to his old room. It didn't look any different. He supposed that was for the best. Yuri went to bed.


It had been a week since Yuri moved back in with his parents. Yuuri and Victor both were calling him frequently, but the most he said to them was he was fine and to not look for him. Even otabek who was busy with school asked where he was. He ignored him. No one needed to know about his decision yet. They wouldn't be too happy with it.

Yuri was called into the kitchen and his mother frowned at him, "I told you to get dressed an hour ago."

"When? I didn't have my receiver in earlier."

His mother sighed flipping a pancake, "Your worthless, go get dressed. We're going out to eat with friends tonight so dress nicely."

Fear flashed through Yuri, "Friends? Like.... Like people you want me to sleep with? Like before?"

His mother put a hand on her hip, "No stupid. You don't have to sleep with them unless you want to. I would like you to, but your father and I will not hurt you if you don't."

Yuri nodded slowly before leaving the room to get dressed. He played clue with his parents after breakfast and got dressed for the dinner that night later, it didn't take him long and he trimmed his hair keeping it short. The restaurant wasn't terribly nice and had empty rooms in the back. That's when Yuri realized it was just a really nice looking club. His parents sat down and started talking to their friends. Yuri recognized one as someone he'd slept with before. He looked down when the woman winked at him.

His mother leaned over to him and whispered in his ear, "You don't have to Yura dear but it would really help mommy if you went up there and danced before sleeping with my colleague. Only if you want to, if you do, just do it for me."

"I...." Yuri trailed off. He didn't have to, but his mom was being nicer to him and still there was that fear that if he said no she and his father would go back to their old ways and he'd be stuck in an abusive home again. So, Yuri found himself saying yes, and dancing the way he never thought he would again. He found himself sleeping with not one but two of his parent's colleagues. Yuri lay in one of the back rooms after trying to find his receiver. It had come off at some point and Yuri was left deaf. His hips hurt worse than they ever had before. The two men were rough and Yuri wished he'd just been brave enough to say no. Bruises were already forming on his hips and Yuri knew he wouldn't be able to walk tomorrow. Reaching under the nightstand yuri grabbed his receiver and put it on before making sure his clothes were straight and walking out the back.

A man stopped him grabbing his arm, "How old are you son?"

"Im not your son let me go!"

"How old?"

"Fifteen, why do you want to know crazy?"

"Fifteen... You know there are places you can go, shelters. You don't have to do this," the man's eyes were full of pity.

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