So this is it.   The Connelly family has finally come to an end.  I enjoyed writing this sequel to She bakes Cupcakes.   Thanks again to all of you who have supported me throughout this journey.

Enjoy!   S  xo

Epilogue II

Ten months later...

James’ POV

I stood there silently leaning on the door frame, barely breathing and not saying a word so that they wouldn't know that I was there.  I watched my wife huddled over our son, she just changed his diaper and now she’s happily chatting away with him.  The sight of her beauty never ceases to amaze me.   The two most important people in the world stood just feet away, my wife and son. 

I would do anything and everything I could for them.

“My sweetpea,” she cooed to him and nuzzled her nose with his.   I watched as Ryan gingerly held up one of his hands to try and touch Sophia’s face.   “Mama loves you so,” Sophia told him as she took his tiny hand in hers and kissed it.   A little gurgling noise could be heard from Ryan now as he stared up at his Mama.

I slowly started to make my way towards them and Ryan must have sensed movement because he turned his head to look over at me.  Sophia did as well and when she saw me, she gave me one of her brilliant smiles.

“Hey honey,” she said scooping up Ryan and meeting me halfway.   With Ryan in one of her arms, her other arm wrapped around my neck as she pulled me down into a kiss that was sure to awaken whatever wasn’t awake.   Holy crap...what a welcome home kiss it was.   I was tempted to put Ryan down in his crib and have my way with my wife.  

“Hi to you too,” I said as I pulled out of the kiss and hugged them both close.   “Hey little man,” I said to Ryan, bending low to kiss his forehead.   “Were you good for Mama today?”

“ angel he was,” Sophia told me bending to kiss Ryan as well.

“How did the doctor’s appointment go?” I asked as I took Ryan from Sophia and snuggled my face into the downy softness of his hair.  Mmm....I loved the way he smelled, baby fresh and clean.

My wife got a sly grin on her face now and leaned in close into me, her lips just mere centimetres from my ear.  Her warm breath fanning me, making me shiver as her tongue snaked out and traced the shell.  She kissed me on my sweet spot just below my lobe, sending tremors straight down to my groin.   “Doctor said that I was good to go,” she whispered seductively as I felt her smile against my throat.  

Ryan was now six weeks old and Sophia had her six week check-up with her obstetrician today.   Good to go she whispered in my ear, my body started to hum in anticipation.   I looked down to see that Ryan has closed his eyes and was fast asleep in my arms.

“Oh yah,” I whispered back at her as I slowly walked over to Ryan’s crib and gently put him down.   I took one of his baby blankets and draped it over his tiny body.    I looked over my shoulder at the baby monitor on his night stand to make sure it was on turned on.   One of the other monitors was already in our room.   I quickly walked over to my wife, scooped her up in my arms and ran to our bedroom.

It’s been at least 2 months, probably more since we’ve made love and I wasn’t about to wait a minute longer after what she started in there.   Her arms were wrapped around my neck as she giggled into my neck.   “What about the hospital?” she said as she trailed warm kisses down to the hollow of my throat.

“We’ll see Matt and Isobel when we get there, but for now, you are all mine,” I told her tossing her in the middle or our bed and pouncing on top.  She giggled and struggled to sit up, we both couldn’t take our clothes off fast enough.

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