A Non-veg Story

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Once there was a guy,

and a girl very shy;

The boy was bold,

the girl worth gold.

Their meeting was arranged,

marriage was the errand;

In the girl's native village,

they were of nearly same age.

The guy was a city lad,

well dressed and neatly clad;

The girl, a beautiful and simple sage,

was from a small village.

The boy had a very big weakness,

he loved eating food delicious;

He asked the girl whether she likes non-veg,

the girl after some shying, said yes.

He asked her to cook some,

she entered with fish awesome;

He and his family had it,

and after eating, finally nodded.

In their marriage vows,

was included one vow,

That the girl would forever keep cooking,

non-veg food and other dishes.

After two years, the wife became,

the disciple of a worthy sage;

She took to vegetarian forever,

and decided not to touch non-veg ever.

She became: a total vegetarian,

and her family: forced vegetarian;

The guy since that day, neither had fish,

nor any other non-veg dish.

This is their 24th year of successful marriage,

and they still don't have non-veg;

But this never affected their love,

as they were a pair of happy dove.

Even today, the wife dominates,

never lets non-veg enter the gates,

And I see they are never sad,

the are my mum and dad

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