Chapter Seventeen - Daylight Goodbye

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"This one!" Overseer Azucena shouted, almost causing Ava to jump when she shot fires of ammunition into a practice target. This action snapped Ava from her thoughts. She has been counting the minutes until she was able to see Xavier. She couldn't wait to hear about his unit, and what he is working on.

Now, she is highly alert, paying close attention to Overseer Azucena. Previous to the shots, she was discussing which weapons each of them will carry. Katrien is given a small silencer, with two point knifes. Jin-hu is given a larger than normal clip point knife, with an electric revolver.

"is yours, Thomas," Overseer Azucena handed over the unlimited ammunition handheld gun to Thomas. He took it, placing it in his holder around his belt. "and this one," she continued, giving him a long, technological advanced bullpup auto sniper rifle. The weapon was dangerous, something they would need if their plan went south, and they had to fight with Revive officers.

"And this," Overseer Azucena turned, taking Ava's soon to be weapon out of a trooper's hands. The weapon had a base of a knife, to be held like one. Where a blade was supposed to be, four electro-energy voltaged probes were. She pressed a button on the side of the handle, allowing for the weapon to slide down into a long blade. She then pressed the button to bring it back to it's original form. "Is yours," she said, handing the weapon to her. Ava was also given a small advanced automatic handgun.

"Feel free to practice with your weapons before you depart. I will not babysit you all, making sure you know how to use these weapons. You all know how it works, and I shouldn't have to tell any of you to practice with them," she sternly snapped. "That is all, please use your time wisely."

Overseer Azucena turned, her patrollers falling behind her. Patrollers were equivalent to officers on the Acquiescence. They learned they were called differently in the Strife.

She glanced up at the time, relieved she could head down to the launch port now to meet up with Xavier. She wanted to meet up with Theo, Ira, and Nyles too. She wished to see everyone together. Though it had been five days, it felt like weeks. When you spend so much time together with a group of people it was be difficult to not speak with them everyday like before. She knew she could live without them if she needed, that she could be alone, but she wouldn't want it that way. Even if she did want that, she's too emotional attached to the four of them. They have changed so much of her life.

She found Xavier walking down a landing of a spacecraft. It was round in shape, but grey, unlike the Revive spaceships. He wore a pilots jumpsuit, brown in color. His eyes moved from her eyes down to her waist, where her new weapons found their place in her holder.

"I see you have made new friends," he gestured to her newly given weapons.

"These guys? We actually just met."

Xavier laughed at her. She didn't think she said it sarcastically or in a joking matter, but she realized it sounded that way. They hadn't laughed together for months, and it felt nice to actually smile.

"Come on," he nodded his head toward the landing and they both walk up it.

"This one is yours?" she asked walking into the main communal.

"All mine."

She stood there a moment looking at the ship. It was a darker grey on the inside with white lighting lining the tops and bottoms of the walls. The main communal consisted of a strategic overseeing table, and two tables that could sit four people each. There were monitoring screens, as well as two bedrooms with four bunkers each. The cockpit was stationed at the front of the ship, with one large window covering half of the room.

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