Chapter 6

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A week had past since Tony made you hold the knife, a week since Steve took you to the past in the house. Nine days since you had seen Bucky, he become even more of a recluse then he had already been. Worst is everyone left you behind for a training mission, leaving you alone with your own demons. You were coming up from the gym, when a commotion in the common room grabbed your attention. Perplexed because no one but you should be home.
You peered inside, staying in the door way. Bucky slammed the cupboard with enough force for it to bounce back leaning awkwardly toward him from having been ripped from the top bracket. The anger and annoyance written on his face as plain as day. His metal fist wrapping around the toaster.
You stepped into the room and cleared your throat. Bucky's cold eyes whirled around and landed on you. His chest heaved, you looked around the room, the furniture was up ended, papers tossed about. The look in his eyes was distant, haunting. You had seen those eyes when he woke up from the nightmare.
You weren't sure what was going on but one thing was for certain, at this moment in time, he was the most dangerous person you had ever met. The metal on his arm made a whirring sound as he clench his fist. He took a strong, steady and powerful stride toward you.
You spun on your heel, heart in your throat, sprinting down the hall. You reached your room as Bucky turned the corner, you fumbled with the doorknob as you tried to open the door. He came closer, the rage that dripped from his face made your blood run cold. You opened your door, slamming it behind you, throwing the lock in place.
When the door shook in place you jumped away from it, you turned to face it. It shook again as you backed away slowly. Your heart hammered, and you shook uncontrollably, you took a ragged breath as the building fell silent. You tried desperately to collected your thoughts.
Suddenly the door imploded toward you, splintering chucks of wood flung toward you with a crash. Bucky's shoulders rose and fell with each heavy breath he took, eyes glued to you. In three quick strides was at you.
He struck out towards you, your body finally acknowledging the very real danger you were in, as your brain went on complete reboot. You sprang to the left, deftly avoiding the fist. He threw another, you sprang over the bed trying to put some distance between you and him.
"Bucky!" You shouted, as your brain went into hyperdrive trying to find ways to keep distance between you. He reach down grabbing edge of the bed, in one solid movement he ripped it from the floor, flinging it the door way. Blocking your only escape route.
"BUCKY!! It's me!" You screamed as you ducked the kick aimed at you head. He continued his assault on you, all you could do was keep dodging.
"James!!" You called out, trying a new approach. "Sargent James Barnes!"
His fist barely missed you this time, you were starting to slow down. You weren't enhanced like he was, you couldn't keep up with his relentless attack.
"I'm sorry." You whispered, before you stepped in his next blow, placing your hand on his head.
"Remember, you gotta keep breathing. Slow and easy." Your hand on Steve's back, panic welled up, looking at you best friend. The two you had been playing soldiers on the playground.
A fist collided with your cheek, ripping you from the memory.
You level the gun, aiming it at your target. You pulled the trigger with out another thought. Watching it rip through the red headed women's hip, she double over in pain.
Your body hit the ground hard, Bucky following you. He grabbed you by the collar of you shirt with his fleshed hand, you wrapped your finger around his bare wrist.
"Four... five.." Steve counted, you hid behind the tree holding back a giggle. You could see your mothers talking on the porch.
Ice cold metal wrapped around your throat, you looked up into his face. A sneer crossed his face.
You dropped down in the office building, quiet and cat like. Slowly standing, you walked down the coordinator. You passed a mirror, you could see the mask covering the lower half of your face. Rage, so much anger, as you stalked down to the room where your target was.
You brought you hand up, trying hard to focus on what you were actually doing. Stars started to dance at the edges of your sight.
"I'm with you till the end of line." Steve's words echoed through your skull.
Suddenly a weight was lifting off of you, the cold feeling of his fingers gone from your neck. You took a deep ragged breath in, heart hammering, you let out a hard hoarse cough.  You saw Bucky had moved himself against the wall far away from you. His eyes wide with terror.
You rolled to your side, pushing yourself to your knees, your heart rate starting to slow. You watched him out of the corner of your eye, you took a deep breath.
"I knew that was the one." You breathed, finally looking at him. He shook his head, standing quickly rushing to the blocked doorway. "No!"
He stopped, standing rigid, hands on the bed frame. Slowly you got to your feet, shaking still from the encounter.
"You don't get to leave, not after that." Your chest heaved. "What happened?"
"I... it was.. I'm.." he couldn't find the right words.
"What triggered it?" You asked, walking up to him, placing your hand on his clothed shoulder. He looked over his shoulder at you, a pained expression crossing over his face.
   "I'm not sure." He shoulders sagged, looking down to the floor. "Last I remember was I was in my room. I thought I was the only one here."
     "Well, that makes two of us." You smile, "you okay?"
    "I should be the one asking you that." His eyes finally met your again, looking at the bruise starting to form on your cheek. He brought his finger up, tracing it.
God, if I could take that moment back. You thought looking at her. Her hair was disheveled, and the bruise on the side of her face made the pang of quilt flood through you. Even through it she was beautiful, she should be cowering away from you and she's not. This girl had more resolve then you did, didn't she realize that your were a monster? That this would happen again.
   "Woah." You breathed, never have you done that before. Never had you experienced a moment through someone else's eyes at the time it was happening.

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