81. I'm sorry

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I'm so sorry guys. This is Abby. I have come on to here to tell you guys something.

Alec died at approximately 3:15 today.
My older brother is gone. I will never see him smile or frown again.
I won't be able to complain about him and Caleb making out in front of me again.

This is the letter he gave to me. I was the last to see him.

Dear Smartasses,

This is my finally chapter. I will have to do what I have never done, I will have to die.

I love you guys


Thank you so much for being a friend to Abby and to me. You made me smile and I know that Demon asked for your permission to date Abby. He asked her out and she has been happier than I've ever seen her. Thank you for letting him do that.

To my Smartasses out there, you have supported me through my life story. I regret that I will never be able to tell you more.
I love you guys so much. You guys make me laugh and cry and please
If someone can get in touch with Sansislife12 please tell me.

Some people I have private messages for.
Those people will be pmed.

I love you guys SOOO VERY MUCH.

Quick question, can you guys light a candle in a window of your house for me?
One of my close friends believe it guides my soul to the afterlife.

Please miss me and love me, but remember me for the smiles I gave you.

For the last time

My older brother is dead. I love him and thank you for supporting him.

Please please wear black tomorrow, or what he wanted, light candles.

Thank you for reading this.

Caleb.. he loved you so much.

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