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Pen Your Pride

What kind of person are you? Didn't your parents teach you proper way of living? How to do things legally?

"But----- you're making a--------"

What? Am I wrong? I am just here just to protect my friend from scammers like you! Should be imprisoned! Guards!

"Listen to me first----- I......."

Enough! You already proved yourself now!

Getting full of temper, Sachii  poured water on Marilou's face.


"Stai bene? (Are you alright?)" A guy who sat beside her asked her while eating some left-over pizzas. 

"Cosa pensi? (What do you think?)" She aswered as she wipes off the tears on her face.

"Here, drink this." The guy said as he gave her a cup of black coffee. Sachii insisted, because she doesn't drink coffees with no sugar content. She just hold the cup to feel warmth. 

"Wait...You're--- the waiter inside, right?" Sachii asked as she holds the cup. The temperature is low and she doesn't have other clothes except on what she is wearing now. 

The guy bit his lips, and sit erectly as he close his legs and put this arms on his knees. "Hmm, yes. Don't worry, I'm good. You can check my bag if you still have doubts." The guy said as he gives his bag to Sachii. "My name is Nero DiMartino. I live somewhere near here." 

Sachii didn't respond. She keeps on staring at one place, what happened always stick on her mind.  

"Mind to tell me your name?" Nero asked her. Still, Sachii looks so far away. Her mind is floating out of nowhere. Nero swayed his hand in front of her face, making her awake for a moment.

"Could you just------- Leave me here? " She wants to say. But, if Nero will leave her there, who will be her companion, where will she go? To whom will she seek help? "Nevermind......" She said instead of pleasing him to leave her. 

And she introduced herself.

"My name is Sacheena Gonzales." She said as she forced herself to make a fake smile.

"You're from Asia right?" Nero confusingly asked.

"How'd you know?"

"Your italian accent is different. Forced." Nero prankly told her. It seems like he really knows the Italian Accent. Sachii looked at him with amazement because he is the first person who told her about her forced Spanish accent. 

"So---- how does it connect with Asians?" 

"You don't know? Most asians fake their accent a lot.  They force their voices to say the words right."

Sachii also started to use Korean, but even that, was noticed by Nero. She made as confusing look onto him, and her face is telling him that she really doesn't care about what he can say about her accent. Because there are more problems that she's facing than mind that accent.

"Hello?!? I work on an international cafe and I talked to so many people arond the world everyday! And, I was a natural born Italian citizen." Nero said as Sachii is just looking at him. 

With his style and his looks, Sachii knows from the very first place that he is an internal house designer. Because of his hand, that is furnished-like as he holds the cup. He countenance is innocent, and his light brown amber eyes are deep, has short, curly hair that lenghtens up to his ears, crooky nose and narrow face that perfectly suits for his 27 years of living. 

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