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"Victoria, my love, Victoria

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"Victoria, my love, Victoria..."

The Lady of Valiente awoke from her deep slumber with a sharp intake and a spring of her eyes, finding Robb's face as the first thing her eyes captured. His lips formed a smile and the light of the fire flickered across his handsome features. There was slight sweat coating his forehead and his eyes were wide open despite the hour. Victoria felt her eyes heavy and she soon realized that it was not morning, it was still nighttime.

"Robb, what are you doing?" Her voice was coated in deep sleep still as she formed words and rubbed at her eyes. She didn't understand what was happening, the last she'd seen of her betrothed he was standing around all the Northern Lords and Commanders of their army, strategizing the best way to attack the Lannisters. The brunette had guessed then Robb would not be getting much sleep and would likely be sleeping in his own chambers. If Robb had wanted to bed her he would have done it sooner though, so what was happening?

Robb leaned back, sitting on the edge of her bed and caressing her face, once he'd pushed away she could see what was happening in her room. Elaine and a few of the other maids were rushing around, stuffing her items into trunks and pulling them out to the men waiting in the hall. Ser Marcos stood by the door, arms crossed over and a thoughtful expression on his face as he nodded to the Lady. GreyWind was now standing on her bed, head tilted as if he awaited her command. How had she been sleeping through this? How had she not woken?

She was even further confused by all of this and looked to Robb once more, he turned back to the group of them all. "Wait outside everyone, Lady Valiente needs to get dressed. Elaine, you may stay and help her get dressed."

The rest of the women curtsied and headed out while the blonde handmaid walked towards the dresser and began to pull out warm clothes. Victoria's new winter clothes had arrived the previous day and they were still packed.

The blonde occupied herself with this task as the rest of them walked out and Robb turned back to Victoria, grasping her face with his hand as she sat up. "We must go."

"Where?" Victoria retorted, pulling the covers close as she grew cold in her night dress.

"South, we need to leave while the Lannister spies cannot see us. Your carriage awaits love, I thought you would prefer to be with us." Robb explained, he knew her well. The other Lords had commented that it be best to leave the Lady behind with the children in Winterfell but the young wolf knew better then that. Her fathers army would only listen to her and she was not one to sit back.

"It's happening, it's really happening now." Victoria spoke softly and her heart sank.

Robb crinkled his eyes, seeing the worry and fear cross her eyes. It was gone rather quickly but even so he decided it best to comfort her, "yes, it really is, Vic. You and I are saving our fathers and winning this together. We need to do this, and I can't do it without you."

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