Eight- Baby Thoughts

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Scott sat awake, hands rubbing his bump, thinking about their baby

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Scott sat awake, hands rubbing his bump, thinking about their baby.

Always thinking if the baby would be born as a werewolf? If not? Will Scott have to give him the bite? How do you explain to your child about one of its parents being a werewolf?
What if the baby is a boy? Or what about the baby being a girl? Which role will Scott play? The protective dad over his daughter? Or will he be more chilled one? But what if his son dates an asshole?

How will they explain having sex with a girl? They are unprepared!

"Scott? Why are you awake?"
Scott looked over. Stiles is facing him, eyes opened.
He runs his fingers over his growing belly "Thinking Stiles."
"What about?"
"What do you think? Peter. Our baby, Stiles!"
Stiles rubs his eyes. He rolls over, turning over the light.
"What are you thinking about our baby?"
"What if we have a girl?" Scott begins.
"Then she will be our precious little girl."
"She will be, yeah. What happens when she starts dating?"
"Accept her for whoever she is."
"Promise You will act as the tough dad?" Scott requested, holding out his pinkie.
"I promise." Stiles pinkie swears.
"And What if we have a son?"
"Then we will have a little mischievous boy. Just like his parents." Stiles smirks.
Scott chuckles softly.
Stiles rubs Scott's arm "You do not have to know everything. Parenting, some days you take them day by day. Like we will."
"I know I can't control everything." Scott sniffled. "I want to know what is right for our baby." He finished.
"And you will! Scott, right now, you are doing what's best for our baby. You have kept him safe. You are carrying him. You love this baby so much already." Stiles listed. "And now you have to know not everything will be in your power. Parenthood is admitting you have no idea what the hell you are doing! You are trying to keep this human being alive!"
Scott snorted.
"All I am saying, Scotty, try to remember that it is okay to not know. Soon enough, we will know."
Scott looked at Stiles and smiled "Thank you Stiles."
Stiles kisses Scott's cheek.

Scott lays back down, which prompts Stiles to spoon him.
Scott smiles.
"And if we have a daughter, you being an Alpha, can show her your badass skills." Stiles whispered.

Scott thought about that. Stiles was so right!
"She will always be able to defend herself." Scott whispered.
"But always be a daddy's girl." Stiles finished.
"Yeah, our daddy's girl. Night Stiles."

Scott scooted further back into Stiles. Closed his eyes. Took a deep breath in.

And sleep took over.

Hey, guys! :)
Here in a few chapters, I will be revealing what the gender of their baby is!
What do you want it to be?
Comment, let me know below! :)

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