Chapter 14: Red linen

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"oh kid i am sorry i forget to ask you jack what you want to eat"

miss Jane enter the room while she look like she run from the other side of city because she was sweating and inhaling and exhaling, hand on either sides and bend a little but after her breathing calm down she look up

"i think you become friends " she said when she look up

"And if she do anything stupid to you jack i am sorry for it i already told

she have a problem"she explained

"its nothing mom we are best friend right jack"milly said

"yeah" i sigh

"jack wait here i order something for you"she told me

After waiting a lady came with a tray and place on the table, he the lady uncovers the dish i feel hungry because that are my favorite dishes

glass stir fried noodles mix with chicken and vegetable,beef steaks,lava cake, strawberry pastries with cream on it and chocolate shake

i love all of it i am just staring with shining eyes on it.

when miss Jane said "do you eat or just stare and then laugh"

i feel really embarrassed and start eating japchee i know what is called because it is a Korean dish and mother makes it for me, she really talented and know almost every country famous dishes like kimchi,pizza i feel like a lump of tear came in my throat i really my mother.

After eating i say goodbye when she said i drop you at mansion when i told her that's not needed i go on my own.she really tried but i don't want her to drive me also because she look tired and i respect her.

i am on my way when i remember i can escape but the thought quickly vanished when i remember ken words.

i am just walking aimlessly not thinking when i a shock hit me that i not know the path of boss mansion.

what i do now ,i look around and i feel strange because i not think i saw any place like it.and also i am far from miss Jane house i dint know even the path of her house. i feel goosebumps my whole body i dint even know where i am?

i run and run because what i do now!!!

i feel tiredness when i bend put hands on my knees and inhale lightly i look around and saw nothing complete dark street when i hear laughter of someone

i face toward where i hear the voice and saw a group of mans around 4o to 5o year old.

i went and and ask


they all turn and look me up and down and smirk

is there is a problem with men why they all smirk even the grey hair man in the boss mansion

"sir can you tell me what place is this?"

"oh this is red light area kid"

oh!!! not that one

"can you tell me the city name--"

"this is newyork kid"


"yeah!!! what you think?" one bulky man ask

"i thought it is Washington" i said

"Are you fool kid?"

"Oh sorry!!!!And thanks for your kind information i turn when i feel someone grab my wrist an pull me and pinned me to wall.

"where are you going little one we take you home don't worried the man said while other chuckle only.

"oh kid where are you going, did you not thank us properly"

"oh thanks sir" i again said

"oh you are really innocent"

"lets go we thought you forget your home we bring you home okay"

"its nothing thanks"

"oh kid lets go" he said and bring him in a alley and went in a strange building the area is so crowded and the mans and women's are doing strange things i don't know what type of they dance but it felt wrong and some are just drinking

maybe here held a party because all were dancing and some women's are

i went with them however i feel really strange like something really bad going to happen.

"where we are?"

"oh !!this place kid where our friend work we can ask him about your address may he know that place"

"oh right" i mumble when i saw a smirk appear on that man face

the man go to the other man with dirty teeth and cheeks indulge look at me and went in a room with the bulky man.

after sometime i see a another man came out from the room and smirk devilishly.


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