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《 Text series 》

《 Text series 》

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Harry : June, I know what we can do until I reach home.

You : I'd bet ten dollars, it'd be something lame lmao

Harry : How can you say that when I haven't even said a word? And what the hell is "lmao"?

You : Girls know everything, dumbo. Now shut up and sit quietly in your car seat

You : and oh well, I forgot how modest you were Harry. Go google it, might even know what's the meaning of lol.

Harry : okay, I'll pretend I didn't read the above two messages and continue with what I had in mind. For your information, I know the meaning of lol. Don't think so high of me.

You : FYI

Harry : What?

You : abbreviation for "for your information." I doubt you know the others

Harry : I swear to god June, let me come home. I'm only five minutes away, I'll get back at you for that.

You : is2g

Harry : NOW WHAT?


Harry : Ugh, can we change the topic?

Harry : actually, I'll proceed with the idea I had.

You : Be ready to lend me ten dollars then, yikes

Harry : huh?

You : I mean, I did bet on it.

Harry : SHUSH

You : then please, enlighten me

Harry : okay, let's say


You : . . .

Harry : come on juniper! It'll be fun, I promise x

You : don't call me that!

Harry : knock knock.

You : the door is open, come straight up, thank you very much.

Harry : RUDE

Topaz_13Z yikes bub, you inspired this by simply being rude. (And yup, still pretending to be mad at you) Lmao, good day everybody. Thank you sm for the votes and comments on previous chapters. Hope you liked them x

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