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  Martinus POV:
As I saw y/n and Larisa and Alexa I got angry as hell. I mean why the fuck can't they stop bullying her. I'm pretty sure they are just jealous because y/n is so special. It's not like that I love her. I actually don't know why but she reminds me of Luisa because she was special too and also has a freaking cute and unique style. And just the thought of it that someone would they hurt y/n like some people hurt Luisa makes me angry. So I went fast to them and pulled y/n with me into an empty room. Y/n looked confused at me and still sad and afraid. I really want to know what they said to her, I was about to say something as y/n pulled her arm away from my hand. I didn't recognize that I was still holding her arm tight. I said, "y/n what did they say to you?". She's so ashamed and don't know what to say and looked down, so I lifted her chin up and ask her " Why are you wearing that basic stuff?". She looked confused at me but I just wanted to switch the topic because maybe she will tell me after that eventually what they said. She started to stutter "I...I don't want that people notice me as a freak or clown...". I just nodded calmly but inside I'm so angry they've really made it possible that she's afraid to be herself. I took a deep breath and asked again "y/n what did they say to you?", "why do you care??" she asked back. "It's not okay what they did to you, and also what Marcus did. They are just jealous because you're special! You remind me of someone who was really important for me but sadly....that's another story. I don't want that the same thing will happen to you what happened to her. So please trust me, i will help you! But you need to be honest with me, okay?" She just nodded slowly so I asked again "so what did they say?" ," they said that when I will tell someone anything about that paint thing that... that.. they will do something worse" she stuttered. I nodded because i still can't believe that. Larisa and Alexa are really monsters. But what i actually didn't know was that it is way worse than I expected...

credits: mm.writer  

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