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  Y/N's POV:
As I passed him completely and was out of the gates I felt relieved. Just the first day of school and I couldn't control me. That's not good, I mean I have to survive this whole school year. Besides that, a lot of people saw what just happened. The schoolyard was empty, but our cafeteria has big windows to the yard and I saw that all people were looking at us. Some of them even took pictures or videos I don't know. But I'm pretty sure that Alexa filmed it. I mean she was standing right behind Marcus.. or well I don't know. Maybe she just checked her Instagram, I don't want to convict people when I'm not 100% sure about that. As I arrived at home my dad was for my luck still at work. Okay, to be honest, he's always super long at work. That means I had to become independently early. The first thing I do was showering, I don't know why but I felt dirty after this whole situation. Straight after that, I started to cook, I love cooking especially for my dad. As I was younger and I started to cook for us it tasted horrible. But my dad always ate his whole plate and said that I'm the malt perfect cooker. He made me happy even after a horrible day. Hours past by and I made some self-made pizza for us. Well, I just prepared it, so when he will arrive we can put them in the oven. After that, I wanted to do some homework's, but I remembered that I left after the first lesson so I don't know what my homework's are. So I decided to watch my favorite movie and after that, I read my book and started to play the piano. And finally, my dad was home, my rock, my hero. He smiled as he saw me playing the piano. I stopped as I saw him and jumped into his arms. He hugged me tight and said into my ear "I have something for you" and put me down. He gave me a new book, I looked in his eyes and saw him smiling because I was so happy. I hugged him again and said "thank you, I will bring it into my room. I made pizza you can put them in the oven" he nodded happily and as I was upstairs our bell rang. Suddenly I heard my dad yell "y/n here is someone for you"

credits: mm.writer   

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