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   Marcus POV:
Finally, I'm in school again, after the long summer break. You may think I'm crazy, but I don't know. I'm just happy to see my friends and girlfriend again. Martinus and I are finally 16, and I'm super excited how it will be in School now as the older ones. This year our classes changed, we could create a small group and then the group will be mixed up together. Our school thinks that's good because then we will get to know everyone better. Martinus and I arrived at school and as my beautiful girlfriend, Alexa saw me, she started to run up to me and we hugged. We kissed for a second and as I looked around, Martinus was away. He doesn't like Alexa, and I don't know why but anyway. I grabbed her hand and we walked to our friend's group. Our group consists of Larisa, Tom, Maja, Alexa, Ina, Emil, Martinus and me, and luckily we're all together in the new class. We talked a bit and suddenly Alexa said "omg guys, Sam just wrote me that y/n is also in our class!" and all the girls started to roll their eyes or were looking shocked. Alexa added "yes girls, I know.." and rolled her eyes too. She looked at each of us and said: "we need to stay away from her, or our reputation will be bad!" All the girls nodded but we the boys do not understand anything. And suddenly the bell rang and we started to walk in. I grabbed Alexa's hand again and asked her while walking in "what is with this y/n?". First, she looked confused and started to giggle a bit. She said "Maci, she's just... she's just y/n, the freak! You will find out soon what is wrong with her", "the freak?" I asked confused but she just laughed again and then she kissed my lips and suddenly we arrived at the classroom.

credits: mm.stories  

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