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And that's Lethal Cargo, the last of the companion pieces.

Like before, it was more about Eve than anything else. As miserable as Greg's life had become, Eve wasn't exactly in a great place either. She's having to face the fact that not only is Greg leaving her, but the fact that she became more attached to him than she previously assumed kind of freaked her out.

Beyond that, not too much to say about this one. I made up a rock snake monster and threw it against Eve and a small crew, so that was fun. I tried to keep it interesting for the duration, tried to keep it mixed up. It was interesting to throw a few civilians into the mix, that doesn't get to happen very often.

And there's also Riley. Although she doesn't reappear in the rest of the series, (there's just one more book), she will show back up in the future. I didn't bring her into the fold for nothing.

Up next is SATURATE, the final Shadow Wars novel. See you there!

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