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( chapter twenty one: the brain )


macy's eyes opened slowly, looking around the room she was currently resting in. the girl got up straight, worried that someone had taken her. it took her a few moments to realize that it was will's room, and she soon felt comfort.

she hadn't been asleep for a while, but max was sitting next to her, knocked out of tiredness as well.

"max?" macy asks, shaking her sister's leg lightly, "what happened?"

max smiles down at her sister, "you had an anxiety attack, so you just took a little nap. nothing big."

"how long have i been resting?" macy props her back onto will's headboard, the blanket covering up to her hips.

"half an hour, maybe," max explains, "why didn't you tell me about your anxiety?"

at this point, max was worried about her sister. if anything else happened to macy, she would freak the fuck out. macy knew it was wrong to hide something as huge as anxiety from her sister; but she still did so she wouldn't worry as much.

"well, with being friends with will and the others, my anxiety was the last thing that came to mind. i haven't had one since hours ago when i was inside the hospital." macy shrugged, looking at max as her eyes teared up, "oh max, please don't cry."

"why not?" max chuckles, "perfect timing right?"

"then i'm gonna have to cry and it's just a huge mess again," macy joked. the two laughed at each other, the next few seconds being silence again, "i love you, max"

max smiled, "i love you too, mace. i'm so glad you're my sister,"

"i'm glad you're mine too," macy sat up in will's bed, "can i ask you something, max?"

"anything," max replies, "what is it?"

"do you think will will be okay? i'm really worried about him.." macy trailed, looking directly into max's eyes.

"i believe he will be."

max and macy decided to go out into the living room to stay with the others. macy sees mike pacing back and forth, your presence catching his eye.

"macy! are you okay? how are you feeling? are you feeling better? what happened?" mike had overwhelmed her with questions, pulling her into a hug.

"i'm okay, mike. thank you," macy states, "how are you guys?"

"bored. worried. bored again," dustin sighs, playing with his fingers.

something blue caught macy's eye, and she started walking towards it. it was wrapped with string around it, sitting on top of a bunch of old movies.

"what's that?" mike asks as macy examines it in her hand. macy shrugs, turning it sideways and all that to see everything.

"did you guys know that bob was the original founder of hawkins av?" macy said aloud, everyones eyes on her now.

"really?" lucas answered after a moment of silence.

"oh yeah," mike agreed, "he petitioned the school to start it and everything. then he had a fundraiser for the equipment. mr. clarke learned everything from him. pretty cool, right?"

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