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Gina's POV

So it's morning time now and I can hear Logan. Sure he is in the apartment next to mine but gosh he's so loud.

I finally decided to get out of my comfortable bed (tear) and went to shower. I chose my outfit which was black, ripped, skinny jeans and mustard, yellow, Bieber tour, cropped hoodie and my white on black adidas superstars.

I brushed my hair and left it wavy. I put on some mascara and filled in my eyebrows. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a granola bar. When I finished eating I locked my apartment and went to Logan's.

I didn't even bother to knock I just went inside. When I was inside his apartment there stood he in only his boxers looking with wide eyes at me.

"Do you know how to knock?" The blond male asked.

"Do I look like I want to knock?" I snapped.

"Okay whatever, but what are you doing here we still have-" he looked at the clock "15 minutes til we have to go."

I looked at him with 'really-you-stupid' face. His eyes widened.

"Oh fuck 15 minutes! Here take my camera I have to get dressed!" He threw his camera at me and ran in his room.

"So umm hellur Logan's fans. I forgot what he calls you so ya." I smiled at the camera.

"Logang I'm back!" Logan yelled running out of his room and snatching the camera from me.

"Ohh they're called the Logang." I said and we left Logan's apartment. We got in his car and drove to Jake's house.

"So how are you gonna prank Jake?" I asked looking at my phone.

"You'll see when we'll get there." The male vlogger smiled and continued driving.

Finally we reached Jake's house. When we pulled up Jake got in his car and drove away. We got out the cardboard tubes out of the car and started to head in Jake's property.

"Are you sure no one is there. Because if there is we're screwed." I said and Logan opened the door.

"What a dumbass. He didn't even lock the door." Logan mumbled. "I know they aren't here because the van isn't here."

"But how do you know that they all drove with that van? Maybe someone stayed." I walked in before Logan. Three steps into the house I was splashed with water and sprayed with silly string.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I yelled. I was drenched in water and silly string was in my hair and all over me. I turned to look at the person who did this and found two guys that looked identical.

"Logan! I told you that someone will be here but you said that no one will be and right now I hate you so much!" I yelled at Logan.

"Who are you and why are you here? And why is Logan here?" One of the guys asked. He had a Spanish accent.

"I'm Gina. I'm here because Logan asked me to help him prank Jake and that's why Logan is here." I answered them.

"Ohh... sorry about your outfit." The other guy said. He had an accent too.

"I'm Ivan and that's my twin brother Emilio." The young male introduced. "Can we help to prank Jake? He pranked us and we want revenge." 

"Sure you can help but Gina needs dry clothes." Logan said.

"Emilio help Logan with the stuff and I'll give Gina the clothes." Ivan said and motioned for me to follow him upstairs. We went inside a room which had 2 bunk beds and 3 tv's. Ivan went to a dresser and pulled out a black hoodie and grey sweatpants. 

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