Chapter 70

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Norae just got home after watching movie with Seol-a. She was feeling so light probably because of the wine and happy after spending time with her.

~~beep beep~~

Seol-a: Already home?

Norae: Yeah, I'm just right across you. lol

Seol-a: Well, I just want to be sure.

Norae: Thanks for dinner. You truly are the best.

Seol-a: No problem. Don't forget to thank your Mom for me. Okay? Good night Norae. See you tomorrow.

Norae: Yes Ma'am. Good night.

She lied down on her mattress and remembered their recent conversation.

(Seol-a: I hope we always have something to laugh about and do things together. Thank you for keeping your promise by staying by my side. I enjoyed every moment we spent together.)

Remembering what Seol-a said made her blush again.

Norae: Ahh! How can she say those things so easily?

She hugged her pillow tightly remembering Seol-a's face while saying those words.

Norae: I hope the same too. (She rolled on her bed now facing the ceiling. She imagined Seol-a's beautiful face, reached her hand towards the ceiling as if touching and caressing her) My feelings for you are getting stronger each day. Sometimes it's hard for me to control them no matter how careful I am. And I no longer know what to do. What if one day I can no longer stop myself and do something to you that I might regret? I don't wanna lose you Seol-a. The thought of losing you is unbearable. I wish I can always remain by your side even if it only means staying as a friend. It will be enough for me than losing you forever. But how can I keep on doing this? When you already broke my walls? Sigh.. ( She rolled on the other side, stared at the pear keychain while remembering the time Seol-a spent her first night in her apartment.) I know love has always been so complicated and confusing. But what I have for you is far more complicated that I have no words to describe it. It's weird. It confuses me but it also feels good. It feels so right but wrong at the same time. (she sat up, rested her back against the wall and looked up). Will I ever have you the way I want to? I promised to just stay by your side but I can no longer go back when I'm already this far. What happens when I can no longer contain my feelings? Seol-a, what should I do? I don't want to hurt you with my selfishness.

Norae started crying trying to release the heaviness that she feels for so long.

Norae: What should I do?

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