Chapter 60 - Looking Ahead

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"Are you sure?"

Harry sounded so uncertain that Draco had no choice but to walk over, take Harry's hand and look him straight in the eye.

"Of course," he said, with perfect certainty, "we have you."

His complete faith in Harry was one of the few things that allowed him to sleep at night. It was not a blind faith, he knew they had to prepare, that Harry needed all of them as well, but he was sure of his soulmate. Harry had said very little since his declaration in the Great Hall and Draco had let him mull everything over. He knew Harry was considering something important.

"What is it?" he asked now they were finally together.

"I've been thinking about the dark mark," Harry said after a few moments hesitation. "It might be time to see what I can actually do. We're going to need all the advantages we can get."

"That could be dangerous," Draco pointed out.

"Maybe," Harry admitted.

"You had to have been using your connection to Him somehow to affect Snape's Dark Mark," Draco pointed out, "what if it opens your mind to Him again, or yours to his?"

A little frown played between Harry's eyebrows, but he nodded.

"I thought about that," he admitted, "and, honestly, I don't think it can."



"I am only human," Draco pointed out.

"Not to me," Harry said. "To me you are a shield. You stand between me and the rest of the world. My scar aches occasionally, but I don't feel anything from him anymore. Before you I had to block him regularly, not anymore, not ever."

"Yet you can still affect the Dark Mark when you are angry enough."

"That's magic, not mind," Harry replied and he actually sounded sure about that.

Draco knew his job was to be the voice of reason, but he could also recognise when to trust Harry's instincts. After all he'd already looked beyond the veil because of things Harry felt, this was no different.

"What do you want to do?" he asked.

"There's only one person with a Dark Mark who might let me practice on him," Harry said.


It wasn't as if that was a shock to Draco.

"We need to talk to Albus first though," Harry decided. "He may think the whole idea is too dangerous or too dark."

Draco nodded.

"Of course we may be getting ahead of ourselves," he said, standing and walking over to the fire place, "you might not be able to do anything without the blinding rage you were feeling last time. I assume you don't want to wait?"

"Sooner the better," Harry said with a nod of his own.

Draco reached for the floo powder so he could see if Dumbledore was available and to let Hilde know they would be late for their session.


"Good evening," Dumbledore greeted as they entered his study. "I presume there is something of a most serious nature you wish to discuss?"

"It was the news of the attack," Harry said, "people died."

"And we believe it is time we took a proactive stance," Draco added for them both.

Harry would have been lying if he had said he was not nervous, but he was also determined. Waiting around and letting people die because he was too afraid to step up was not something he could do.

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