Orphan Killer 3

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Paris toddled around the Orphanage, Rachael came to her side and picked her up “Hello Paris!” smiled      Rachael, Paris grinned, “There is a lady waiting down stairs for you” said Rachael putting Paris down again.

Paris clapped her hands and went backwards down the stairs, Rachael followed behind.

Paris and Rachael reached down stairs and looked at the lady, “Hello Veronica, Here is Paris” said Rachael, Paris looked up at Veronica, Veronica got down “Hello Paris, Im your mummy” said Veronica.

Paris shook her head “No, no, My mumma haz Bwond Hair” said Paris, Veronica looked wide eyes at Paris “No I am your mother and you are coming home with my” said Veronica sweetly, Paris stamped her foot and screamed, she ran to the stairs and crawled up them.

Veronica watched Paris go, she went back to Rachael, Rachael looked up at Veronica, “She is always like this, she will go to sleep at the top of the stairs soon” said Rachael, “Plus she is only 4” said Veronica, “You mean 3” said Rachael, “Yes What ever” said Veronica...

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