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"They got something!"

Owen's voice crackled into my intercom over the roar of Mercedes powering through the pitch black jungle. I concentrated carefully on the road, bleak headlights guiding me as I sped through bushes and uneven jungle floor.

I squinted to make out the four velociraptors racing past Owen, leaping over a log and into the shrubs ahead of us. It took all my strength not to make eye contact with Delta, occasionally spinning around to see if I was still on her tail.

The vehicles slowly came to a stop, rumbling over the uneven jungle floor. In the distance, I could make out the silhouettes of the four raptors, Delta at Blue's side.

I allowed myself to steal a quick glance at Owen as I slid off my bike, feeling out of place in the middle of the dense jungle, mindlessly pulling my rifle over my head.

"Eye's on target," I instructed.

I darted across to the log everybody was crouching behind, deliberately shuffling through to be beside Barry. I kept my eyes on the raptors, ignoring Owen staring at me in my peripheral vision.

This is a suicide mission, Owen's voice rung in my ears.

All we had to do was kill it. A few seconds was enough opportunity for a window to fire at it, pulping the horrendous creature to the ground. I would make a run for my bike and speed back to the compound for Alex. In an hours time, I would no longer be on Isla Nublar. I let out a shaky breath, pushing the plan into the back of my mind.

"How long until it's here?" Barry whispered beside me.

Above us, the trees began to crackle as a loud thump rattled the jungle floor. My breath hitched in my throat at the sound of birds suddenly awoken by the giant creature maneuvering its way through the nocturnal depths of Isla Nublar. Not even 20 yards from our troupe, a giant figure snaked out of the thick foliage, glaring down on the four velociraptors standing their ground. It let out a low growl that sent a shiver down my spine. It snarled at Blue, revealing a set of horrendous yellow teeth glistened with blood. Even in pitch black, I could clearly make out a dinosaur covered in spikes and claws.

The Indominus Rex.

I gripped my rifle tighter.

The Raptors began hissing at the Indominus as it growled at them as all five of the creatures prepared to attack each other at any second. Owen's eyes flickered back and forth as if he was trying to translate their conversation in his mind. His moustache twitched lightly on his cupids bow: an involuntary result of intense concentration for him. I glanced over at Barry, who was frowning.

I tried looking away from the creature, but I couldn't. It towered over the four minuscule raptors in front of it. I didn't dare blink or shift away from the twigs uncomfortably poking my arms.

How Claire came into work every day and observed this thing behind nothing but a sheet of glass, I had no idea. The creatures began hissing and scowling at each other as if they were arguing. Watching the Indominus nod and ponder like a real human as it growled at the raptors made my head spin.

Barry grew stiff beside me, his knuckles white as he gripped his rifle. "Somethings wrong," he whispered. "They're communicating."

Before I could respond, Owen gasped quietly in realization. Barry and I looked at him.

"What is it," I hissed.

"I know why they wouldn't tell us what it's made of," he said.

I suddenly realized, all the bickering and screeching between the creatures had stopped. All four velociraptors were facing us with sinister glares, the Indominus Rex behind them.

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