Chapter 65

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“… I may love you, but I am still the King. I own you.” Evelyn knew something was wrong the moment those words left Zayn’s lips. There was something… primal and aggressive in his eyes, in his tone and in the air surrounding him.

She knew he was angry with her—he was trying to hide it, yet she knew—but what? That, she didn’t know.

Without another threat or command, Zayn walked out of the room. As he did so, he paused at the doors. The King gazed back at the young human girl who stood with fear and anger boiling under the surface of her pale skin and breathtakingly beautiful face. 

He wanted her to follow him. Evelyn was tempted to ignore his silent order and slam the door in his face, just to defy him and see what would come of it… but she decided against it. Whatever that has gotten under Zayn’s skin, it had to be something big. She hadn’t seen him like that since… since when he first found out that the human girl he had grown to be fond of was in love with another man. And that was one hard knock to his ego.

Ethan… the name echoed in her ears for a moment and Evelyn swallowed nervously.

‘Does he know…?’ she asked herself as Zayn disappeared into the dark hallways. ‘No. He can’t possibly… If he knew, Ethan would be dead right now, so would Harry, and so would I… No, he doesn’t suspect a thing.’ The latter words were forced by her conscience, it wasn’t something she believed in, but it did calm her nerves just a little.

‘How would you know if Zayn’s killed Ethan or not, and where is Harry? You haven’t seen him since he and you returned from your parents’ place.’ Whispered a little voice at the back of her mind… but Evelyn simply shuddered at the thought and ignored the voice completely.

Maybe it was because she knew there were truth within those words—the voice was a part of her conscience after all—and she was all too scared to face the reality of she and Ethan’s sins. Especially the part about Harry. The last thing she wanted was for Zayn to drag Harry through the muddy path she paved herself.

With a loud exhale of breath, Evelyn reluctantly made her way towards the gloomy hallway, following Zayn’s steps.

It didn’t take her long to catch up with him; he had deliberately slowed down the pace of his steps for her human legs to catch up. 

“I thought the stubborn side of you was going to take the rein of your decisions again,” said Zayn. “I’m surprised you choose the better option out of the two. I don’t even know how I will react if you disobeyed me again.”

“You are not my master, I have my own trance of mind, and I am my own person. You do not own me. So whenever my decisions displease you, that does not mean I have ‘disobeyed’ you. That simply means I have a backbone and I am not going to ask how high whenever you ask me to jump, like the rest of your minions.”

From the corner of her eyes, she saw a smirk slowly creeping onto his full lips.

“You know, I still can’t decide whether I like your boldness or not. It can be cute and amusing at first—to hear these ridiculous ideas popping out of your mouth—but there are days when these ideas are not so cute. I hope you know, if you were anybody else, I would have had your tongue served on a platter as my dinner by now.” As they walked, he leaned a little closer towards Evelyn. “But luckily, I have better use in mind for that tongue of yours.”

His words caused Evelyn to shiver, which only contributed to the growth of his smirk.

The night of the Motel was still fresh in her mind, and the rawness of the steamy passion she shared with him during her dream had yet to leave her mind. But still, the mere thought of any sort of sexual activity with Zayn made Evelyn feel physically sick. Just the thought of him touching her made her want to scream—and not in the good way either.

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