chapter 1

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Name: Elizabeth Beaut

Age: 21 (she is a vampire so she has remained that age for the past 146 years. she was turned back in 1864)

Description: long brown hair, piercing blue eyes, she is very beautiful and there is something very human about her. She wears the latest styles just like she had done when she was human

 Chapter one

Elizabeth’s POV

As I pinned my tight curls out of my face a smile appeared on my lips. I had always loved ding my hair and make-up there was something about it that relaxed me, after  my parents died I found it oddly relaxing as my mother  always did my hair and it felt like a piece of her was still alive. I was 17 when they were tragically taken from me in a house fire, I cried for days after realizing that I was never going to see them again, it wasn’t until I moved in with the Salvatore’s that I finally smiled again


“Miss Beaut I am so sorry about your loss your father was a great man and a great friend of mine” Giuseppe Salvatore said to me with one of his very few friendly smiles. “thank you Mr Salvatore and thank you for the kindness that you a bestowing upon me by letting me stay here my father would have been happy that one of his great friends was taking care of his daughter it would mean a lot to him” I said giving him prosaically what he wanted to hear despite the fact that I wasn’t in the mood to talk about this again. I had only ever met him once at my parent’s funeral but I had only an old sick aunt to look after me and that wouldn’t have been fair on her and nowhere else to go so this was my best option, I had lived in Mystic Falls most of my life and my father was one of the founding members and I didn’t want to move away so living with the Salvatore was my best option.  “DAMON, STEFAN” Giuseppe shouted and within a matter of seconds another man appeared in the room. He was very handsome around my age with bright blue eyes and dark hair and a sublime smile that made me want to smile. He was followed by another boy around the age of 13 or 14 who was equally good looking but was completely different from the man in front of me. “Miss  Beaut these are my sons Damon and Stefan” he said pointing to them “they will show you all you  around please make you self at home as it is now” he said while walking out the door “Mr  Salvatore” I said towards both of the men with a little bow Damon took my had “please Miss Beaut call me Damon” he said with a beautiful smile “and call me Stefan” his younger brother said with a genuine smile “only if you promise to call me Elizabeth and you also show me around” I said feeling Demons eyes  on me as I walked out of the room “with pleasure Elizabeth” he said while offering  me his arm and Stefan done the same the other side


I smiled at the memory while looking in my mirror that was when I first met the man I loved and when I felt he loved me back but that all changed. Today was the day that I went back to Mystic Falls. I left there after I turned, after Damon made it his life’s mission to make his brother hell and get the women he loved back which was not me. I packed up all my bags I had already got a house in Mystic falls. All I had to do was say good bye to some friends “ERIC I'M LEAVING” I shouted to get my housemates attention from upstairs. He was a very good looking vampire with blond hair and big chocolate brown eyes, he was my best friend, the one who met me a took care of me when I need him the most. He used his vampire speed to get down the stairs “I going to miss you little sis I will try to get down there as soon as possible” he said her always called me sis it was his nickname for me it made me smile all the time “I’m going to miss you big brother I’ll call you as soon as possible and call me when you are coming I will miss you” he was like a big brother to me so I always called him it. It always made him smile. He’s like family to me and he has been a brother to me since the day I turned nothing more nothing less and that was the way we liked it. He helped me get the last of my bags in the car I hugged him then got into my car a drove to Mystic Falls. 

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