Chapter 3

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The vision was cut short as Bucky finally released you. Your heart thundered in your chest as your sight slowly cleared, his face finally swam into to focus. You had the overwhelming urge to cry, to punch something, to run. You placed your hand on the wall, you sucked air in as hard as you could.
"I..I.." Bucky stammered out, his eyes wide with fear. For a man who kept to himself and was usually reserved his emotions sure bubbled just beneath that stoic face.
You closed your eyes, trying reel yourself back in, panic had taken hold of your body. You leaned forward to keep yourself from passing out. Your whole body continued to shake.
"Y/n," Natasha came out of her room, looking down the hall at you. Bucky was frozen in place. "What happened?"
"She came around the corner, and ran into me." Bucky's voice shook slightly. "I caught her before she bounced off."
"Shit! How long did you hold on?" Her words clipped as she came over and knelt in front of you. "Hey there, y/n, try taking a deeper breath."
"I.. I don't know." You could hear more people coming into the hall as you pinched your eyes shut. The suits face still locked into your memory, you could still smell the man's aftershave.
"It's okay. I need you to take a slow deep breath." Natasha cooed softly rubbing the clothed part of your back, your heart began to slow.
"I'm... okay." You finally said, straightening yourself back out, looking up at the bewildered Avengers standing in the hall with you.
"You sure?" Steve asked, you nodded in reply and turned to Natasha.
"He'll come back." You told her with earnest. "Thor will bring him back."
"What?" Her brows knotted together briefly before they raised realizing what you meant.
"Who is Thor bringing back?" Sam asked, confusion written on his face as plain as day.
"Are you sure?" She asked, ignoring him, you nodded in reply.
"And on that note, I'm going to bed." You stated, walking down the hall to your room. You closed the door quietly behind you, leaning against the cool metal.
"Why can't I be normal?" You asked yourself out loud before changing into a tank and shorts, crawling into bed. Sleep came quick.
Hours later you work with a start, a howl of pain rustled you from your sleep. You sprang out of the bed, standing waiting to see what was going on. You heard another yell, you walked out into the hall following the sound to the room next to yours. It was Bucky's room, Steve had ordered you never to go in there, it wasn't safe for you and to come find him if this ever happened.
"F.R.I.D.A.Y., where is Steve or Tony?" You asked looking toward the ceiling for some odd reason.
"Mr. Rogers and Mr. Stark have left the compound." The A.I. Voice responded.
"Damn it." You stated as you heard the yell turn into a gut wrench plea for help. Against your instructions and better judgement you opened the door and walked in.
"Bucky.." Your kept you voice soft. "Bucky it's me, y/n."
The man was lying ridged in the bed, fists clutching the sheet tight enough for his knuckles to turn white. His face contorted in pain, eyes tightly pinched shut, his full lips formed a thin line. You walked cautiously as you neared him.
"Bucky, you need to wake up, its flashback." Slowly you reached out, you closed your eyes as you placed you hand on his.
You were strapped down, your chest, arms, hands, abdominal, hips, thighs, legs, feet. You bit hard on to the mouth guard, so hard you thought your teeth were going to break. It felt like someone poured liquid fire into your veins, like you were burning from the inside out.
You heard the words being spoke, slowly one by one your thoughts were being pulled from you. You tried, tried to block out the words, trying to hold on to every single thought that was your own. They slipped through cracks in your mind.
Your brain felt like it was being crushed and pulled. You pinch you eyes closed even harder.
"No" You whispered loud enough to pull your brain separate from the vision. Every nerve tingling and on fire, you were still in his memory, you tried to pushed it. Push it to the side, pulling your own up from your childhood. The farm, granny's farm.
You felt Bucky's arm relax slightly under your touch, his memory continue to push back as you tried to force it away. You had only done this once before, with the only man you had loved. Only once had you shared one of your memories, you knew if you kept pushing you could show him a good memory.
"Ready to comply." Bucky's flat emotionless voice pushed its way through your memory, tearing your focus. You felt the world spin, you breathed was knocked from your body. Your eyes sprung open as you realized that this wasn't a memory.
Haunted eyes glared down at you, ice blue and full of pain and anger. His face inches from yours.
"You need to stay away from me." His words cold as he held you pinned to the ground by your waist.
"Why?" You asked, your word came out hard. You could see the trace of fear run through his eyes.
"I don't want to hurt you." His voice soften, as he closed his eyes.
"You don't seem worried about hurting the others." You whispered, as he drew a breath in.
"I'm a monster." His whispered looking You in the eye again his face softened, you brought your hand up. He flinched a bit before you placed your hand gently on his face.
"Awe, Steve, come on it's just a ride. It'll impress the girls." Bucky's voice light and full of humor, facing skinny Steve his tweed jacket engulfing him.
"Well, if you think so. Can't keep the ladies waiting." He finally relented, a small smile crept on his face. You clap him over the shoulder as the two of you walk back to the two beautiful women waiting for you in line. You heart flutters a bit before the blonde girl catches the crook of your elbow.
You were jerked back to reality as Bucky pulled his face back away from your hand. You smiled up at him, there was so much warmth and excitement in that memory you couldn't help but smile. He just stared down at you his face knotted up in confusion.
"The Cyclone." He breathed unsure of himself.

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