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Jaylynn's POV

My sister hands me my bag full of clothes that I guess she packed previously knowing that Melo would ask me to go to Chino Hills.

We both sit down in the back seat as the drive began to Chino.

We both started talking and we were enjoying ourselves.

He started singing my song.

I start giggling and I start recording him.

Melo grabs his phone to go on Instagram live.

I asked Melo did he want to play never have I ever.

He asked the live to send in some questions.

Melo read off the question he said: "Never have I ever been pulled over?"

We both spoke at once and said no.

The never have I ever questions started to die down but the curious questions about Melo and I started appearing.

There where questions like "Who is Melo in the car with?" And "Is that Melo's girlfriend?"

I laugh and say "I'm Melo's friend Jaylynn but call me Jay."

Melo ends the live because we are pulling up to the ball house.

We both walk into the ball house and I look at thing as Melo calls down Tina and LaVar.

I was snapped out of my glare with LaVar's loud yelling.

He said, "So you're the girl Melo kept talking about."

I look at Melo as his face grows red and I speak "I guess so."
I introduced myself to the Ball family and we started to get to know each other.

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